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how in hell do you get couterier and kesler? What are you implying? And why is our best faceoff guy playing rightwing on the 4th line...
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For what it's worth Hartnell has a NTC.

Though I still don't think Philly would be interested.


Games: 71

Goals: 23

Assists: 18

Points: 41

TOI: 22:03


Games: 69

Goals: 20

Assists: 29

Points: 49

TOI: 16:53


Games: 73

Goals: 18

Assists: 21

Points: 39

TOI: 15:46

Even outside of Schenn's upside as far as current production goes Kesler isn't really adding much. On a side note with Hartnell as part of the Flyers bad start he was scoreless his first 9 games then came on.

Hartnell's return to form...

Oct: 7GP - 0 Pts

Nov: 15GP - 8 Pts

Dec: 14GP - 11 Pts

Jan: 15GP - 14 Pts

Feb: 5GP - 4 Pts

Mar: 13GP - 12 Pts

Harts is also a team leader, fan favorite, and appears to be a locker room favorite also. With his production and his team image I doubt they would push him out the door unless the return was can't say no material. Especially if Schenn is going with him.

LOL. One all-star game (a game based purely for recreation) with Hartnell and the Sedins and suddenly everyone thinks this is a formula made in heaven. Although, on CDC, this instant overexcitement and overvaluing of something/someone isn't something new. I'm not surprised.

I would base it off more than that game. Hartnell currently plays on a line 1 with 2 skill players (Giroux and Voracek). He compliments skill players well as a power forward he cleans up dirty goals off rebounds, hits hard, fights. He adds another dimension to a skilled line and generates space for skilled players. It seems like he would fit well with the Sedins.


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