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Will Cassels, Horvat, Fox, Shinkaruk make the Canucks better next season?


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.....this franchise is going to suffer financially unless there's a sign of hope. No ones going to spend that sort of money to attend mean nothing games.

The Gillis plan is to go younger, faster and bigger if he keeps breaking his word it will become worthless and at that point e has to be shown the door.

This summer is a dead zone for UFA....so we better see some youth, some hope or we'll know he's sold us a pup

In Gillis' second year end presser he told us he made it up as he went along.

The plan is unfolding just as it should when there is no plan.

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Assuming Gillis can nab 1 UFA for our team, I want to see this for opening night (assuming Player X is one of Vanek, Stastny, Jokinen, Vbrata, Moulson or Camelleri)

Sedin - Sedin - Kassian

Player X - Kesler - Santorelli

Higgins - Matthias - Burrows

Booth - Richardson - Jensen


Of course, MG could go the route of blowing up his core players (which I hope he does) and somehow moves Burrows and/or Booth, along with some picks to obtain a single star forward in which case we'll have room in our lineup to slot Horvat/Shinkaruk/Fox?Cassels in - otherwise we're too full-up right now on pylons.

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