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Should I get pregnant for attention?


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I've been really thirsty for attention lately, so I've been thinking about ways that I could get attention. I notice a lot of the 20 year old girls I have added on facebook get a lot of attention when they say they're going to have a baby. As a similarly aged young man, I tend to wonder, would this work for me?

What do you think guys? Should I get knocked up?

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Since its physically impossible for you to become preggers...Pretend to be a girl.

Go to the local SPCA and get a kitten, Furbabies will get you more attention anyways...

Take massive photos of your cute little furbaby, post on your FB. "Got a Furbaby" - source: girl with cat.

This will get you tons of attention because girls LOVE cute things.

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Guest Gumballthechewy

I don't think Gummy is ready for a family though.

Hell yeah I am! Let's get started, I'm already nekkid!

I'll be guarding my condoms closely.

What? Condoms are for single guys.

Dr Gum of course.

Damn straight!

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