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Tyler Seguin should be a Hart trophy nominee

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If it were up to me? Absolutely. (Crosby, Rask, Seguin)

- He has a monster 77 points in 73 games at the age of 22, and will probably hit at least 80 by the season's end.

- He's developed a chemistry with Jamie Benn that is one one of the most dynamic in the league.

- He had to overcome all the Boston issues and bad things said/written about him last year when he got traded (partying, etc...)

- He has had some absolute monster games (numerous hat tricks this season and a four goal game), that's basically what fans pay money for, entertainment.

- Lastly, if the dallas stars make the playoffs, he would be seen as a hero considering they are barely "squeaking" in 8th place and were so far back before.

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lol no.

Giroux should be up for it. I'd even argue that he should win it but he won't.

Yep, without a doubt. He's single handedly made the playoffs a reality for the Flyers. Remember at the beginning of the season when Philly was sucking and Giroux said dw, they'll make the playoffs and got criticized a lot for those remarks? God damn he's lived up to what he said and has quietly done so.

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I agree with those who said he isn't even the best player on his team.

I believe Crosby, Giroux, Rask, Getzlaf, Bishop and hell even Jagr if NJ ended up making the playoffs, deserve consideration before Seguin.

This. Crosby and Rask are obviously shoe-ins. And I think both Getzlaf and Giroux should be ahead of Seguin. Not so sure about Bishop...

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