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[proposal] Changing the culture.

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My personal feeling is that this teams biggest stumbling block isn't from within its external. Our players get head shotted and the league disciplinary just laughs. Referees utter threats at our players (Auger). Public opinion around the league is that the nucks are bunch of dirty diving trash talking a holes. Embrace the hate didn't work out for us well. IMO it's time to bring in some new blood and move out some of the players that are the heart of the hate directed towards us from the league.

Nash can blatantly flying elbow players to the head and the league doesn't bat an eyelash. Comparing his stats with Kesler's over the past 5 seasons Nash has .8ppg vs Keslers .76 ppg. This season Kesler is out pacing Nash by a wide margin. It's clear AV isn't having a great effect on Nash.

I propose we trade Kes and Burr AV's 2 poster boys to the rangers on exchange for Nash and a 2nd

They can afford it because they have a ton of Ufa's they won't be resigning next year. Burr and Kes will flourish again under AV. With the saved dough we sign Stasney and JS Giggy as a backup for lack

My line up for next year would be

Santo Stas Nash

Sedins Jensen

Higgins Boho Matthias

Booth Rich Kass

If Booth is bought out which I doubt then keep Hansen otherwize I see him moving we have a glut of third liners.

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I'm not sure why NY would do that, just because AV likes them so much? They already have Richards, Stepan, Brassard and Boyle at center. Krieder and Miller are listed as centers (as well as Zuccarello and Moore) but have played wing due the depth they have.

Kesler could play wing (and of course Burrows would) but I'd think they'd look for more offensive talent for their top 6 if anything.

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Brassard's been good for them as has Zuccarello, so they'd be back I think. Krieder's still a young player so no reason they wouldn't keep him. All three are still RFAs as well, not UFAs, so only Boyle really fits what you're describing as a UFA this summer they might not bring back.

Nash has had an off year, sure, and maybe Kes would move ahead of a number of those players (perhaps not Richards), but with all the centers they currently have they'd move some back in a trade rather than add to the pile. They certainly aren't going to send away an offensive player like Nash to get another center back.

What are they going to do, put Zuccarello and St Louis together and ice two top line wingers under 5'8"?

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