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Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions.

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When all is over this regular season, I'll be making this thread into the brackets of teams and you guys make predictions on the match-ups. Till then vote who you think will be in after these teams

East. ---------- West.
Z - Boston. ---------X - St.Louis
Y - Pittsburgh. --------- X - Anaheim
X - Tampa Bay. --------- X - San Jose
X - Montreal. ---------- X - Colorado
X - New York Rangers. ---------- X - Chicago
X - Philedelphia. ---------- X - Los Angeles
X - Detroit. ---------- X - Minnesota
X - Columbus. ----------- Dallas

P - President's Trophy

Z - Clinched Conference

Y - Clinched Division

X - Clinched Playoff Spot

Who is in the final?? I have Boston or Philly fighting Anaheim or Colorado in 6 games

I have Philadelphia and Colorado surprising people



1. vs 8.

2. vs 7.

3. vs 6.

4. vs 5.


1. vs 8.

2. vs 7.

3. vs 6.

4. vs 5.

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The west standings as of today are pretty much the standings which will be when the season ends (talking playoff teams). The east however, the last 3-4 playoff spots can and probably will change but I believe it'll be with 4 of 5 teams in the race in no particular order: Rags, Caps, Jackets, Wings, Flyers. One of those 5 will miss the cut and everything else OP said I pretty much would agree on and say is a solid prediction.

Btw, not even giving TO a chance as I truly believe this latest stretch all but finished their chances of hanging onto a spot.

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I still believe in the Devil's..don't like their chances, but I still believe. If they don't make it, then I have 15 teams to cheer on against the Rangers. My 2 favorite teams are the Devil's and any team playing the Rangers.

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The west is going to beat up on the team that finishes in the east.I do not want to see any of the California teams (especially LgAy) or Chicago (currently beat up) win it!

My hope would be that the Blues,somebody new and their fan base isn't a bunch or pricks for the most part...

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I'm thinking Boston vs St.Louis in the finals

No other team in the East can match up with the Western powerhouse

I agree with this prediction.

I'm thinking the West will look like:

Anaheim vs Minnesota W: Anaheim

San Jose vs Los Angeles W: San Jose

St.Louis vs Phoenix W: St.Louis

Chicago vs Colorado W: Chicago

Anaheim vs San Jose W: San Jose

St.Louis vs Chicago W: St.Louis

St.Louis vs San Jose W: St.Louis


Boston vs Detroit W: Boston

Tampa Bay vs Montreal W: Tampa Bay

Pittsburgh vs Columbus W: Columbus

Philidelphia vs New York W: Philidelphia

Boston vs Tampa Bay W: Boston

Philidelphia vs Columbus W: Columbus

Boston vs Columbus W: Boston

St.Louis vs Boston W: St.Louis

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