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Marty Biron thinks Douglas Murray should be suspended 10 Games


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Marty Biron is as high as I am.

Murray does lift his arm right before contact though and that shouldn't help his case at all.

edit: I'm all for tough suspensions on head hunting but historically speaking Shanahan has been mediocre in the discipline department.

Lmao I was gonna say he needs to lay of the purple drank. His comments about Lack really rustled my jimmies > (

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I was listening to him the whole session and really never has anything of substance to offer to ANY discussion. None of what he says is based on any kind of factual evidence, just pure bias.

Typically TSN's style is to have "analysis experts" who analyze the facts, like Mackenzie and Dreger(lol), and then former players/coaches who offer their own insights based on personal opinion, which is all Biron was doing. That being said, his opinions usually suck.

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