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Burrows and his Family Receive Death Threats on Twitter from Rangers fans


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Do these people not know that everyone knows who they are via their IP? Isn't a death threat actually a criminal offence? Wasn't the hit just an unfortunate event?

Priorities, something that's getting more and more lost as the new generations grow up.

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Have a feeling this is being taking out of proportion. He did get messages ("threats") yea but doubt they're serious. Probably just a bunch of moron idiotic fans hammered just doing stupid things. Burrows isn't a president or something where everything has to be taken seriously but at the same time, it is concerning and will one way or another put a small toll on Burrows mentally now knowing he's read that and it'll be circling his head the next few days before he forgets about it.

What classless fans though, just pathetic.

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