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Trading of picks...is it worth the risk?

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Just looking at the idea of trading picks with Florida

Here is the pitch..............

Florida's 2014 - 1st rounder(3rd overall) + Florida's 2015 -2nd rounder


Van's 2014 - 1st rounder(8th over all) + Van's 2015 - 1st rounder (Fixed)

Reasoning: this may be the lowest we pick, as the team could place better next year by just having less injuries, adding a couple of UFA's or having just one of our prospects put in 15 to 20 goals. Or a bit of all 3.

Yes there is risk, but it may be our only chance to pick that high, and Florida may be tempted to swap, thinking Vancouver's on the decline and they have a chance at number one over all.

In addition, we get to keep Kesler and Edler until next years trade deadline, where we then have the possibility of trading them for picks and prospects. I think it is the best of both worlds.

Does this improve us, or weaken us? Just trying another angle......last time we moved up in the draft worked pretty good for us!

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Florida's 2014 - 1st rounder + Florida's 2015 -2nd rounder


Van's 2014 - 1st rounder + Van's 2014 - 1st rounder

How do we get two first round picks this year?

If you meant 2014 first rounder and 2015 first rounder I'd say no. I don't see the Canucks improving too much next year and I wouldn't want to give up a chance to get McDavid or Eichel.

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If you mean 2014 & 2015, then it's realistic but I'd say no. I think if Florida threw in there 1st next year instead of the 2nd, it would be good 4 us but at that point, Florida will not be interested.

Florida is not going to put their 2015 - 1st rounder into the trade, when it could possibly be the same as this years(3rd overall), why would they do that? The whole point of the trade is risk/reward. If Vancouver signs one UFA that scores or improves the scoring, aka playmaker, we move into a playoff spot........if it doesn't work,Florida wins next year, but we win this year(speaking of the draft).......actually improves our odds of getting a top end player over the 2 years

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