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[Android free game] MemeDuel


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Tired of playing hockey? You may consider trying Meme Duel . This new arcade game of attack and defense, mix of Pong and Breakout !


Playable solo or player vs player, Meme Duel pushes the idea of ​​Pong beyond just sending a ball back and forth. Now when the ball leaves the field, you will be entitled to new opportunities because your defenses are there to save the day ! Attention, you 're not the only one to enjoy it as your opponent can also set up defenses.

In addition to the benefits of Google Play Games (trophies , scores, etc. . ) Meme Duel will challenge you over 40 levels with an artificial intelligence that increases gradually as you advance . 2D graphics are quite nice and not too flashy, and the gameplay is at the rendezvous ! Not to mention the "memes", the drawings that we all have seen at least once on the web, and who are the heroes of this game.

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