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Kesler, Luongo and the Olympics


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Hello everyone, I've been visiting this forum for years but have just recently created an account.

My coworkers and I have been discussing this downward spiral the Canucks were mired in for the last couple months and one thing we talked about was the Olympics and a possible cause of strife. We assume that Luongo is a jokey sort of person as judged by his twitter account and that Kesler seems to be more of a straight to business type that wants to win. Prior to these Olympics could there have been some ribbing by Luongo he won gold in 2010 and Kesler only got silver?

This would of course cause some internal strife in the dressing room and could also be what led to the Kesler trade rumours during the Olympic break and after because he doesn't seem to be the type that would appreciate that. Once Lunogo was traded there was a still a rough patch but in Tort's interview yesterday there were talks after the Dallas game and the team has seemed to gell again and has made some improvements as a team. I wonder if the trade of Luongo will mean that Kesler would be more willing to stay with the Canucks because any potential strife in the dressing room has now been smoothed over with the personal changes. I have noticed the team has gotten back to fundamentals and seems more like a team the last few games, even with the losses.

Speaking of the losses I know some people are cheering for them to loose but in the long run I think it is better for the team to win and play with pride so they can carry that momentum forward to next year. We don't want to see them develop an attitude that it's ok to loose.


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Funniest thing I've seen here in a long time.

I could see Luongo's subversive whiny attitude rub players who give a crap the wrong way.

considering he's gone and basically everyone on our team is still playing like they don't give a crap with the exception of guys like Bieksa and Kesler, no

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Haha mock away, I'm married so my wife owns my feelings... that's if I had any she would say.

Hahaha! You'll do well here.

But as others have said, no. There's nothing in that and if there was any issue between them it would have to be caused by something larger than just that - not that there's any real indication there was.

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