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[PGT] Nucks 2, Kings 1


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Yea the season is done and we want the highest pick possible but when the group puts up a fight like this not giving up, it's nothing but positive and something we can't be mad about.

Maybe this a sign of no total rebuild? Hope they don't totally dismantle the team for next year. Still have tons of potential with a few tweaks and youth infusion...not to mention a high pick in the draft :)

Booth - Richardson - Kassian = $$$

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This group with the Sedins showed flashes tonight to have me excited for next season. All we need is a good draft and a few young guys in the lineup. Kassian. What. A. Beast.

EDIT: Oh yeah Edler played his best game of the year by FAR. Loved when he completely drilled Gaborik.

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