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[Rumour] - Isles Interested in Sedins?! *Eklund

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It's never going to happen but the two teams are perfect trading partners. The Islanders have tons of great prospects and they also hold a top 5 pick. They also need to get better next year so they don't give Buffalo an amazing pick.

But like I said, it's not going to happen.

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I dont see it being Sedins for Taveres but;

1. Rumour however real or not is Tavares is unhappy

2. Sedins would be much more effective in the east

3. Very similar to my argument about Lou being traded there (made many moons ago), walking into Brooklyn, NYR backyard, they need 'names' to sell, don't discount this.

4. However, if it were to happen, reallistically I would think NYI would want the Sedins as a second line to take pressure of Tavares (keep him as well). There is little 'hockey sense' behind trading a very young superstar for 2 aging ones

5. Sedins and Hansen for Strome, Martin, Reinhart, and their first? NYI takes nothing off their roster other than Martin, Nucks take alot of salary away and have rebuilt in one year....

not so unbelievable, clearly the twins would have to accept it but anyone who says players cant be traded wasn't alive when Wayne was traded...

6. Then sign Callahan

Burrows Kelser Kassian

Callahan Strome Jensen

Higgins Santorelli Booth

Martin Richardson Mattias

Hammer / Bieksa

Edler / Tanev

Reinhart / Stanton


Buyout Garrison

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For what its worth, our resident Numpty Eklund is saying Isles looking for a splash at the draft and prior to the move to Brooklyn and are interested in the Sedins...



Anyone who posts Eklund rumors, especially ones involving the twins should get a lifetime ban from CDC!

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Why would the Sedins waive to go to the Islanders? Maybe they see how they can help this team if the Isles are offering up a phenomenal package and agree, but if there's any truth to this it'd likely be the Isles thinking they can lowball an offer in and get them after an off season.

Buuuut would they take Kesler????

Buuuut would Kesler waive to go there????

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