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(Proposal) post gillis era

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Trading a few players in core out and their replacements

Hansen for a second. Replaced be kenins gritty, hits, can score great at olympics cheap at 2 yrs 580per

Sedins ( retain 1mill of salary each) and edler traded to nyi for pulock 1st and martin and strome.

Tanev and hutton and richardson for oilers 1st

Draft ekblad and dal colle and mckeown

Fire scouting staff

Sign vanek at 8 mill per for 2yrs, stasny at 4yrs 6.5 mill

Hire linden and naslund as president and gm.

Jensen kesler vanek

Burrows stasny kassian

Higgins horvat mattias

Kenins gaunce martin


Garrison Ekblad

Hamhuis Bieska

Pulock Corrado



Beastly lineup with dal colle, cassels, strome, subban, mckeown in minors

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Lol, u might want to change ur proposals a bit more than the last u posted.

1. Sure, y not

2. WOULD U STOP DOING TRADE PROPOSALS TO NYI. They don't want the Sedins or Edler. They're REBUILDING. How hard is it to see that? If u actually think the Isles are in a position to try to get vets for a playoff run, then I want some of what ur smoking. Why the hell would NYI trade their top 5 pick this year when they have to give it up next year. And y would the Sedins and Edler waive to go there? This trade is just tooooooooooooo realistic.

3. Lol. You're delusional. Ekblad >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Corrado. All u give them on top of that is Hutton and Richardson? Mac T knows better. They're likely drafting either 1st/2nd/3rd and they trade a top 3 pick for Corrado and a bunch on garbage? If u threw in our 1st then MAYBE they would do it, but no, u give them a decent (at best) prospect for a potential franchise player. Ekblad is going to be another Weber pretty much...

You've got to be the worst at trade proposals on this forum...

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There is a lot wrong with your post, but everyone hit on most of it, so I will go for the one thing I haven't seen touched on...

You want to pay Vanek 8 mil a year? Sidney Crosby makes 8.7 a year... You cannot possibly tell me Vanek is worth only 700K less than the best player in Hockey... I would CONSIDER giving Vanek 6.5 a year, and even that is pushing it for me.

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Sedins won't get traded, let's be honest. No one would take those contracts, plus Linden probably won't trade them given their "character".

However, Kesler probably wants out, and we REALLY can't keep Edler. We'd have to force him to waive NTC...but that's not likely either...

I propose:

to PHI:




to VAN:



to WIN:



to VAN:


Then buyout Booth, and trade our 1st and Gaunce for Ekblad.

yes, we're trading away ALOT of our prospects, but they are replaced for proven players, and not prospect hopefuls. Plus, Couturier, Simmonds, Horvat, Kane, Kassian are all young guys. If we have them, chances for Shinkaruk, Schroeder, Gaunce, Jensen to make the team are quite limited anyways.

Sedins - Simmonds

Kane - Couturier - Kassian

Burrows - Horvat - Matthias

Higgins - RIchardson - Hansen

Hamhuis - Bieksa

Garrison - Tanev

Edler - Ekblad



And we have our youth movement right there.

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