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[Official] Good Bye Gillis

The Stork

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Lets just stand up for a minute and give a moment of silence to the Gillis family

Who brought a mess to this franchise

Since 2011 the team hasn't been able to muster up any sort of playoff run

2012 Kings won series 4-1 who eventually won the Cup

2013 Swept by Sharks


Draft day traded Schneids for a who knows player in Horvat

Signed Santorelli which was a good deal

Signed Sedins

Rumours swirled around Kesler

2014 ????????

Traded our #1 goalie

Anything else missing.

From 2011 to now the franchise has been a mess

Now it's time to have a new face

Linden or Botchford I'd be happy to have either as GM

As long as this team makes Playoff run for the cup next year

Anyone would be satisfied and happy

Hope for the best for this franchise

Fare well Senor Gillis

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Good start, bad bad ending to his tenure

You mean those two years where we had a lockout, CBA mess, and then a cap drop? Maybe they were factors? Nah, better just assume he randomly became incompetent at that exact same time. Makes a lot of bloody sense.

Excuse me if I don't join in with the pitchforks and torches.

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