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New image, new identity... New jerseys?


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Halloween colors skate jerseys FTW


(I'm not kidding, they really did wear this during 1991.


http://www.classicauctions.net/Default.aspx?tabid=263&auctionid=54&lotid=608 - Road Jersey.

from 1991.. or the 94


or these: Canucks14.png

Yeah...the top one, I bought at the Canuck (I believe it was called Winning Spirit) store at the Pacific Colosseum way back in '91.

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What does everyone think about the jerseys in the Olympics. With the "shiny" sort of stylized design on the jerseys are an interesting concept, maybe that could factor in to make something like the Millionaires V be really modern and reborn? nike-2014-usa-olympic-hockey-jersey-03-5


I didn't mind these but for the shiny fake lacing - that just looks wrong (or at least not needed)

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I didn't mind these but for the shiny fake lacing - that just looks wrong (or at least not needed)

I agree. I'd rather have some real laces than the fake plastic stuff on the Olympic jerseys.

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I'm not really stuck on changing or staying the same.

I really like the stick in rink and would prefer that full time if I had my choice.

I think Blue and Green is the way to stay but I'd be interested in seeing a mockup of the stick in rink in the old colours. As much as I like our current colour scheme the Red, Black, Orange and Gold is unique. Too many team's jerseys look similar these days. Too much blue and black.

Edit: I found this… not terrible but raw.



This one looks great

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This team really needs to change the logo to johnny canuck

1) the most important reason being that it was our very first logo dating back to the whl and it was used in advertisements during the world wars it was basically canadas version of uncle sam. For god sakes we are named after johnny canuck might as well have him as our logo, best logo in sports imo.

2) Everybody talks about how we have orcas in Vancouver and that's why its our logo, who gives a shiii if we have orcas in our ocean, that logo does not go well with the green that is meshed in.

3) Johnny canuck is a lumber jack hockey player wht more can u say about bc? lumber and hockey.. sounds about right to me just like how blue and green sound right when having to do with Vancouver... orca just doesn't mix well with the green.

4) The orca was brought in during the worst era in canucks history, aside from the wce that evolved, the orca was introduced when mark messier and mike keenan came and fracked everything up.

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With Linden back I'd love to see a skate design with the Millionaires jersey as a permanent alternate.


Maybe a color change up, but for the most part I agree! The skate logo was solid

Bring back the jersey from the years when Benning and Linden were together as Canucks... the skate logo. Update it with the current blue and green, which represent the West coast. No need for a new design but get rid of the orca. And put the hockey stick on the shoulders.

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People in this thread are coming up with some really nice jerseys. I like the fact that a lot of teams in the league always stick with there original logos......Montreal etc. You can keep the same logo and modify your jersey. So I would want a modified version of the stick in the rink.

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