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Man Cave ideas/Jersey Framing


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Hey folks, looking at starting my man cave and just wanted to see if anyone wanted to share pictures of theirs? I am looking for some ideas. Also, anyone had jerseys framed either through the frames on internet($300-400$) or professionally? I have about 5 I want to get done, but am hearing stuff about ultraviolet glass and other sorts to protect the signatured jersey? If anyone can help me here that would be great.

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For some reason the term "man cave" bugs me.

"Lets go into my man cave"

"You mean the rec room?"

"yeah, the rec room"

How to build your man cave: Spend your entire budget on the biggest best TV/entertainment unit you can afford. Thats it. Everything else is just nick nacks.

Maybe Im just being bitchy cuzz I spent a S-Load on our house and I dont even get my own room anywhere. maybe the garage counts, that is as close as it gets. But we do have a big ass TV. Thats important.

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