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Man in Norway Has Amnesia and Needs Your Help To Identify Him


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Man found in snowdrift has amnesia; police release his photo in search of his identity

Photos of an unidentified man who was found in a snowdrift in Oslo, Norway were released today.

This man, known only as a John Doe, has suffered from amnesia since he was found in an industrial area in December, in what police described as “bad condition.” He has now named himself ‘John Smith’ because he cannot even remember his own name.

Though he has no recollection of where he came from, he speaks good English with an Eastern European accent. He is fluent in Czech, Slovak, Polish and Russian.

“The man has no identity papers, and does not remember his name, where he came from, how he ended up in Norway or any other details of his life,” police wrote in a statement.

Police have tried unsuccessfully to identify this man for the past four months. His fingerprints and photo have been sent to East European police forces via Interpol but still nothing has turned up. They’ve even searched through lists of missing people but have come up empty-handed.

At this point, John Smith has agreed to release his picture to the public. If his photo circulates throughout the news to the public, it is very possible someone will notice and recognize him.

“We have come to a point in the investigation where we had tried everything without getting anywhere,” police prosecutor, Sturia Henriksbo, told VG newspaper. “Therefore we are now, in consultation with the man himself, releasing his picture.”

Police believe he is in his twenties, though his age is uncertain. He has dark blonde hair, blue eyes, and is 6 feet 1 inch tall.

Because of his evident amnesia, police have reason to suspect that he may have been a victim of crime. Amnesia, or even partial memory loss is often the result of physical trauma such as a blow to the head. Again nothing is clear in this situation.

Very interesting, though kind of sad too.

It's really strange how language isn't affected due to memory loss. I've read about these kinds of people before and it's a bit strange how nobody (so far) knows who he is yet. It's been several months, especially since they've sent his profile to the various countries with no hits so far.

He doesn't appear to be a criminal at least in those countries.

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Czech Couple: Norwegian Amnesia Man Is Our Son

A Czech couple has identified a man who was found in Oslo in December with alleged amnesia as their son.

Czech and Norwegian police said Thursday that several members of his family clearly recognized the 36-year-old, who was found in a bad condition in the snow in Oslo without any identification documents.

The man, who claims he cannot remember his real name but calls himself "John Smith," told Norwegian broadcaster TV2 he was excited about the news and it feels like "he is about to be rescued from hell."

"This is extraordinary, fantastic and the best thing that could have happened," he said.

Norwegian police sought help from the public in identifying the man who speaks good English and Czech and also understands Slovak, Polish and Russian. They said they will now seek to confirm the man's identity with DNA comparisons and are also investigating if he has been a crime victim.

"Smith" told TV2 that evidence suggests he may have been kept locked up, with his hands tied, for several days without any food or water.

"I'm afraid," he said. "It's my opinion they tried to kill me."


Almost instantly recognized as soon as the story broke this morning. Very peculiar story.

edit: stupid quoting makes parts of the story nearly illegible. Come on CDC techs, what gives guys? Trying to make the forum as beautiful as Beautiful British Columbia?

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