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(Proposal)Trading up for Florida's pick

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To Florida: Edler, and our 1st rounder this year

To Canucks: their 1st rounder

With the #2 overall pick in the draft we can play our cards right and pick the best player available that's NHL ready and can make an immediate impact with our Canucks

Honestly it's a coin flip. If Buffalo picks Reinhart or Ekblad most likely Ekblad we can lower the list a little and let Buff pick whoever they want. They most likely won't pick Draisaitl or Ehlers so they'll probably be on our GMs list. With this pick we should pick Reinhart

Reinhart posts up MacKinnon like numbers. If the Canucks pick this guy I will literally be jumping up and down all day till my heads spinning and my legs get hurt. Reinhart is a steal. He is the most NHL ready player in the draft. Ekblad is a maybe but we have dman depth and we can sign some cheap FA defenseman for depth such as Tallinder, etc. We have enough flexibility in the salary cap department we can almost guarantee the Canucks will sign at least half a dozen free agents no doubt about it. The Canucks don't have much goaltending depth as well. If Brodeur signs with us then we have some legit depth in goaltending. If we sign him to a 1 year deal worth about 2 million he's a steal. There's other goaltenders out there too such as Backstrom, Hiller, etc. My point is trading up the draft will make us a legit contender for the playoffs and the Stanley cup next season

See what the Avs did. They went from worst to one of the best. The Canucks are somehow like this this season. If we obviously play our cards right, what ever Gillis said retool rebuild FORGET THAT. This team is set up for consecutive years of success and deserves to win the Cup some point. It might not be next season but I'm optimistic that they can.

Go Canucks!

Believe In Blue!


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Actually, now that you brought it up, Gillis should have built this into the Luongo deal, we trade picks in first round on top of the other pieces.

Boohoo Gillis is dumb he should've included Luongo for this offseason.He would probably be still a Canuck if he started that Heritage Classic.

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Florida fans spit vitriol back at us for suggesting such a lopsided trade. Especially for a guy they just traded to us.

I dont want to trade up. I want to get Ehlers . I think he is the steal of the draft.

Why Ehlers... Draisaitl and Reinhart are steals of the draft

Watch Ehlers be available in the 2nd round still and we grab him :)

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I'd be willing to trade Kesler for a top 3 pick and a prospect, assuming he's okay going to one of those teams.

Then imagine us picking 2nd and 7th Overall B)

That'll be sick we pick Reinhart at 2 and Draisaitl at 7

We'll be Cup champs in no time

Go Canucks

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