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(Proposal)Trading up for Florida's pick

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Florida fans spit vitriol back at us for suggesting such a lopsided trade. Especially for a guy they just traded to us.

I dont want to trade up. I want to get Ehlers . I think he is the steal of the draft.

Ehlers is this years Nikita Filatov. Highly skilled European undersized winger that will be in Europe in 4 years. The highlites of him is all him just speeding down the wing and scoring.

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Edler is ranked 870 out of 871 players in the +/- ratings at -34. I'm pretty sure but the end of season he will be the worst +/- in the whole league.

I'm sure Fla. will want him :picard:

He's Lidstrom 2.0. Any time now he'll break out. This is all Torts fault for trying to make him play some defence.


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