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[REPORT] - Canucks Bring Back TC CARLING

Lui's Knob

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Doesn't he already work for the Canucks? Link?


So he was already with the Canucks? I'm so confused at what is being reported here haha.

Likely extending his contract or guaranteeing his job security with the team.

Linden has to start somewhere and go all the way down the line.

Everyone will be reviewed.

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So it sounds like he's changing roles from VP of Communications to VP of Hockey Admin. Regardless, we can all agree it's another terrible post from Lui's Knob.

At least he is not a mini-mod control freak that thinks he owns CDC.
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Yeah, posters these dayz....

Even you should agree your post was pretty poorly done. You've edited it at least 3 times and it's still about as sparse as you'd ever expect from a thread reporting some kind of news.

Manners. Name calling is for children.

He's correct though. It was an awfully constructed OP.

Not Lui's Knob's first either.

Haha, if you hadn't quoted him I'd never have known. nuck nit's long been on my ignore list, and I apparently haven't been missing anything.

Lets hope DJ Dave is on that list as well and get replaced with someone better.

Was it you that asked the question about bringing back the U2 intro? You do realize Linden is President (and now Carling as VP) of Hockey Ops, not Arena Management or Music Director.

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Had the pleasure of meeting TC Carling a few years ago. Very friendly guy, hard working and he's been friends with Trevor and his family for a while now.

TC used to be in charge of Public Relations for the Canucks. He would let players know during intermission that they have to do interviews with radio or television, etc.

He was also responsible for protecting them in a lot of cases during media scrums. That's how he and Trevor would have started their friendship, I would guess.

I think TC is a great choice in this new role. He's a professional.

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