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Jesse Winchester .. dead at 69


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Jesse has passed from throat cancer at the age of 69 .. a songwriters 'songwriter', and a fine man and musical artist in his own right .. you will be missed and cherished .. R.I.P., Southern man.


A couple of his songs in tribute:

My favorite song of his .. a song of loneliness, written by a young man who had to flee his country to avoid killing his fellow man, merely existing in a foreign country while pining for home:

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You sorry old soldier, go home
You sorry old bad girl, go home
Cause by now you've seen it all
Just relax now and recall
All your stories forever and ever
Who will stand by you, no one
No brother no cousin, no one
But, by now you know it all
So relax now and recall
All your stories forever and ever
Oh now, goodness knows you might have done better
But then, Heaven knows you might have done worse
If you lit up the occasional candle
You're allowed the occasional curse
Oh you are a strange one, you are
You're betting on nothing, you are
But, by now you've won it all
So relax now and recall
All your stories forever and ever
All your stories forever and ever.

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Far Side Bank Of Jordon

I believe my steps are growing wearier each day
Still I've got a journey on my mind
The lures of this old world have ceased
To make me want to stay
And my one regret is leaving you behind

If it should prove to be His will
That I am first to go
And somehow I've a feeling it will be
When it's your turn to travel likewise
Don't you feel lost
For I will be the first one that you see

And I'll be waiting on the far side bank of Jordan
I'll be waiting drawing pictures in the sand
And when I see you coming I will rise up with a shout
And go running through the shallow water reaching for your hand

Source: Jesse Winchester fan page http://www.therhumbaman.com/

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