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Gmen81's 1st annual playoff pool


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Surprised no one has started a playoff pool yet so I figured I would get one going.

-9 more people will be allowed to participate. Not necessarily going to be 1st come 1st serve. Would like the "cool" people to join. Don't feel bad if you don't get in, you are all still cool.

Roster size:

-6 forwards

-3 D

-1 goalie


- 1 point for goal and assist

- 1 point for win

- 2 points for shutout

- 1 point for GWG

- 2 points for OTW

- since the playoffs start on Wednesday would like people who will make the draft go quick.

- draft order will be determined on draftpicklottery.com once all GM's are in.

If you want to see who has been picked (easily):


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