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I just made a thread but people said keep it short so I will.

I am doing this of the assumption we remain at 6 and reinhart bennett draisitl ekblad and dal colle are gone. By the way I believe we could still land the #1 pick and I believe there is a great chance Draisitl or Dal Colle fall.

Do we got with Nylander or Virtanen, here my breakdown

Nylander - Alot of people considered him the 2nd best player coming into this years draft, they say he is a dynamo. Everyone says hes got unreal skating ability and hands and vision and is a sniper. That checks all the boxes. His father played and taught him alot, he got a great head start you could say. He is a nightmare 1on1 and has fallen i guess due to the fact he plays overseas and doesnt get the exposure and guys like Bennett and Dal Colle have made big jumps up draft boards. Could be a once in a lifetime pick to get the potential best player from the draft at 6!

Virtanen - Rare combination of size speed scoring ability, you just dont see guys labelled a power forward that can skate like the wind and be a lethal goal scoring sniper, everyone says he will be a offensive powerhouse. Imagine him during the playoffs, tie game late, the puck is in the neatrul zone no mans land and in comes Virtanen goes around the defence and scores. He is also the hometown boy and some fans complain we pass on the hometown boys like lucic and it comes back to bite us, another is gallagher. I dont think its fair to complain cuz u never know how these picks r gonna turn out, especially when they arnt considered first rounders.

The thing I love about both is they are both game breakers, guys who can score at any given moment and take you out of your seat. Fast ,highly skilled, can do things at high speed other players couldnt dream of, split the D or go right around!

Either way I would LOVE LOVE LOVE one of these and I can see it now, a 2nd line for the next 15 years with the born leader natural captain best 2 way 18 year old ive ever seen Bo Horvat and the explosive all world talent speed and ability Hunter Shinkaruk and William Nylander/Jake Virtanen! We need the 1st line Superstar aswell like a stamkos crosby toews tavares mckinnon exc exc, hopefully we get Mcdavid, I honestly could not think of a better one two three punch than a Mcdavid than horvat than Gaunce maybe.

What do you guys think? Who do you prefer, I love our situation , we KNOW we are getting a young stud , the difference between us picking 6th and 7th is huge, we dont have to watch carolina pick either one of them and be forced to take whats left over, ITS OUR CHOICE !! So stoked, if one of the top 5 excluding ekblad, we need forwards, if one of them falls great best case scenario , if not great best case scenario I can easily see Nylander and Virtanen being the best 2 players from the draft 5 10 years from now, its about heart , work ethic, developing, right team right time exc exc. GO CANUCKS GO!

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screw virtanen with the 6th overall pick. not worth it. Hes not a bad player tho. Just not with this pick.

You cant ignore a guy who was drafted first overall in his respected league. He also has arguably the best shot and might be the best skater in the draft. Plus hes 210 pounds already.

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Yeah he does look soft, but I dont like making judgements on players without seeing them play. I know nothing about Nylander aside from before this season was supposed to be a top 5 pick.

Seen his dad's career. Good start for a comparison. His best years were when he was carried by Jagr. Nothing to get excited about.
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