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[Proposal] My ideal off-season moves.

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Step 1: Pre-draft trades.

i. To Ottawa: Alex Edler, RFA Jordan Schroeder, 2014 3rd, 2nd 2015
To Vancouver: Jason Spezza

It has been noted by TSN, and speculated by many that Spezza will probably not be on the roster in Ottawa very long, Moving him to Vancouver opens a lot of space on the team and allows Turris and Zibby to run the show, Edler joins his Olympic teammate on the top pairing, Ottawa also gets early round picks and a serviceable and cheap center to grow with their young team. Spezza is a fantastic playmaker and scorer and would be great centering Kesler or on the wing with the Sedins.

ii. To Arizona: David Booth
To Vancouver: 2014 5th

A pick and some cap room for Vancouver, My thought is that David Booth is a Tippett sort of guy, Vermette is a crash the net, all angle, dirty goal kind of player and he has excelled on the Coyotes, I think this is the style Booth was known for in Florida and is a risk they may be willing to take, and at 1 more year wont hinder the team.

iii. To St. Louis: 5th 2014, Dalpe
To Vancouver: Maxim Lapierre

St Louis has some very important decisions to make with their roster; The have to sign 2 goalies and figure out what they are going to do with players such as Roy, Schwartz, Berglund, Sobotka, and Ott this adds a little wiggle room for them.
This move simply brings a player familiar with Vancouver back into the fold, Lapierre is a great defensive player and that pesk factor back that we have been missing without him. Allows us to have Richardson and Lapierre on 4th line. I can't stress enough that having left and right faceoff guys is important to success.

Step 2: Drafting

While I can not really put a finger on who we would draft in the later rounds I agree with a previous poster that grabbing Del Colle and Smith would be great as they are already centered by our own Cassels in the OHL,

Step 3: RFA/UFA re-signs
This is just the signing of our most important FA's, you can speculate yourself if players like Archibald get a contract.
Kassian 2yrs @ 2M
Santorelli 2 yrs @ 1.5M
Tanev 4 yrs @ 4M
Weber 1 yr @ 715k

Step 4: UFA market (familiar faces)
WIllie Mitchell 2yrs @ 2.5M (Linden knows him, got his cup and can retire on his home team.)
Sami Salo 1yr @ 1M + 1M for 41 games played + 500k for 25 points/wcf (Take advantage of overager bonuses like Boston did with Iginla)

Opening Day Roster:

Sedin - Sedin - Kassian - I think a new coach will finally give him his fair chance on the top line.

Burrows - Spezza - Kesler - Spezz has been known to be a great playmaker and may be able to dish well to these two 25 goal scorers.

Higgins - Matthais - Santorelli - An energetic 3rd line that can push the play forward, all 3 players are known for having spurts of offense. 1 lefty and 1 righty at the faceoff dot.

Richardson - Lapierre - Hansen - Just as energetic as the 3rd with a little less offensive ability. Defensively it would be one of the best 4th lines in the league and would get 12 minutes a night. Another left and right handed face-off player.

13th forward: Lain - I think Sestito should remain in Utica we have other young tough guys that can make the jump if need be.

Hamhuis - Tanev - Absolutely fantastic top pairing. Enough Said.

Mitchell - Bieksa - Juice and Mitchell were a great pairing in the past and would take some pressure off the top guys defensively.

Garrison - Salo - I think giving Garrison a guy like Salo would be ideal, allow him to focus on offense a little more, both guys would be on the PP and it would be very dangerous for the other team.

Stanton - Weber - two guys would can be a #6 on most teams in the league, with the risk of having 4 guys over 30, having two guys that can slot in easily when injuries happen is a must.

Lack + Markstrom as the tandem ( With markstrom sent down, Halak is an option as well.)

Jensen, Corrado, Gaunce, Shinkaruk, Fox all in Utica to start, jobs are meant to be stolen and I think eventually they will. But in the mean time, these are the guys I think should be getting 20 minutes a game in the AHL.)

These are just my thoughts and I am open to critique. Got a long few months to fill.

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1: Edler and Schroeder for Jason Spezza???? Lol Ottawa wouldn't even give *insert our GM's name here* a response before they hung up.

2: I could do with signing one of Mitchell or Salo, but adding two 35+ defencemen will just take time away from our younger guys and won't really be very beneficial.

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