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EA Sports Prediction This Year - Boston wins Cup

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EA's annual prediction right before the playoffs start.



- Bruins vs Sharks in the finals, Bruins wins in 6 games

- Rask wins Conn Smythe Trophy

- Iginla wins his first ever Stanley Cup

- Price and Lundqvist leads their teams to 4-0 sweeps in the first round

- Avs take out the Hawks in the second round in seven games

- Bruins take out Rangers in the third round in seven games, Bergeron with the game 7 OT winner

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I have a feeling Detroit is going to school the Bruins in the first round.

I share the same sentiment but maybe it's just me hoping that the Bruins lose.

If the Red Wings can keep the game playing at a high speed and not get into physical altercation like we did with the Bruins, then Red Wings have a very good chance. But aside from speed, the Bruins have advantage in almost every category.

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I think Tampa will school the Canadians and Vanek will go with zero goals.

I'm picking a final between Pittsburgh-Anaheim with Pittsburgh winning the cup. Iginla will regret changing teams again just like Hossa did. But if Boston beats Detroit, it will be a totally different story as I don't see any other team that can upset them.

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Yeah but it was a pretty accurate prediction even though the results were different.

They'll get it right once in a while just by chance. If you are going to look at their accuracy, then look at every year instead of just one. Its really just marketing, there is nothing behind it.

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