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Most Boring Draft Lottery Format Imaginable

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Ugh, I planned my dinner break at work around that waste of TV time.

Its time the NHL revamps the process and makes it a true lottery.

Let a team fall more than one spot and use a bingo machine with balls to create some sort of entertainment value. Bill Daly and cardboard squares doesn't do it for me.

Throw 100 balls into the spinner and assign a certain number of balls to each team.

14- 1 ball = 1% chance of winning 1st overall

13- 1 ball = 1% chance

12- 1 ball

11- 2 balls

10- 3 balls

9- 4 balls

8- 5 balls

7- 6 balls

6- 7 balls

5- 9 balls

4- 11 balls

3- 14 balls

2- 16 balls

1- 20 balls

Build some real anticipation.

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How about scratch tickets then. We could watch someone scratch a ticket to see who gets the #1 spot? Maybe we throw the bottom 14 teams GM’s into a Survivor type show? (I would enjoy that actually.) Theres really no other way to do it then this that doesnt take forever.

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Put all 13 GM's in a park filled with 1000 deer. Give each GM a rifle with a different number of bullets according to their draft probability. GM's are allowed to shoot each other. Last GM left standing or the one that kills the most deer wins.

Actually, replace the deer with the remaining 2500 Bengal Tigers in the wild.

That would be so exciting.

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I actually agree. It would be fun to see a ball with your teams logo on it drop into the number 1 slot. Then flash to the panel for a quick discussion about the team who just 'won' that pick while the teams remaining balls are taken out. How could you not like that? The anticipation of waiting for your teams ball is much better than listening to Daly's fat blubbering mouth.

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Nope. Pretty die hard. I was just bored because it was boring. You should be able to land anywhere. If you finish 25th in the league you should not be limited to drafting 1, 6, or 7th. 3rd overall or 11th overall should be an option.

I agree to an extent, but the worst teams have to still get the best picks or the league would be destroyed.

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Should be a giant roulette wheel. Each team has a corresponding number of spots. Throw the ball, let the Fates decide. Never liked how they don't show the drawing on air. Too shady.

HAve the team's in 15, 14 position etc. have the most slots. Therefore the last place team has the least likelihood of being given the latest pick.

When one team is assigned the 14/15th pick, the slots are then spread evenly between the other teams as their odds are improved. Then we get to the last two teams, with the wheel evenly divided. Could you imagine the intensity?!?

The wheel could have the logos digitally shown, so they could be changed easily on the spot.

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How about a lottery for every pick?

Start at the 14th pick. Have the 12th-14th placed teams in contention for that pick, with 14th having the best chance of winning.

Then go to 13th, with a similar system as the 14th pick lottery.

Continue this for the rest of the draft order.

But then, at the end, have the exact same draft lottery as there currently is to decide the 1st overall pick, with the same percentages.

This way, every team can move up, but move down only 2 spots maximum, or 3 with final lottery.

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You have the weighted system done incorrectly. You have to reverse the amount of balls available. So that the worst team only has 1 ball in the hopper. This, in effect, gives them the best chance to get the first overall pick.

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