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[proposal] Draft Day Van and NYI

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Unless Cal. goes off the board and picks a guy like Ritchie we should try to move up to take one of the 'big five."

to NYI: 6th overall, Booth (50% retained), and a 3rd in 2015

to Van: 5th overall, 4th or 5th in 2015

Why Van should we do this:

- Van gets one of the big five guys in the draft (prob. Draisaitl or DalColle) which is likely a big upgrade on the next tier of players

- we don't have to buyout Booth (which might still be happening) but gain 2+ in cap space still

- we can afford to give up a 3rd in 2015 as we already have an extra 5th and then would get another 4/5th rounder

Why NYI does this:

- if NYI keeps their pick this year they lose out next years 1st, therefore

- they only move down a spot so can still draft a good prospect

- Booth gives them a big quick skating power forward at a low cost which can help them next year

- if they aren't a playoff team next year they can flip Booth at the draft for an extra pick (2nd maybe)

- they can a 3rd rounder next year to help offset losing a first


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interesting. but since prospects are unreliable and likely atleast one of the top 5 wont pan out, would owners really want to pay 2.125 million to move up a spot, resign to fill booths spot, and then lose a 3rd round pick for a later round pick that could never if ever only help us till much later

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I don't see why the Islanders would do that.

Booth can't be flipped for a 2nd at next years draft. Outside of Booth's value being no where near a 2015 2nd round pick he will be an UFA. When Dan Hamhuis had his UFA negotiation rights traded it was for a 3rd round pick.

After the 1st round and especially after the 2nd round the draft becomes kind of a guessing game. 3rd-5th round picks success rates and development are very hit and miss (more often miss).

Plus why are the Islanders so desperate for Booth that they would move down in the draft? Booth barely got 13 minutes a game while on the 3rd worst offense in hockey. The Islanders even without JT ranked 17th overall and if you go back to last year with a healthy JT they were the #7 ranked offense. The Islanders downfall is defense/goaltending. Last season #21 ranked defense then they lost their top pair in Streit and MacDonald and now they are the #28 ranked defense. Adding Booth is basically pointless as they are still a terrible defense and he doesn't help an already reliable offense. I don't see them moving back in the draft unless they get a player that actually gives them a better chance next year. Or a noticeable jump in draft picks.

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The isles are not keeping their pick this year. Next year's draft is waaaaay better than this years'.

Trading a guaranteed top 5 pick for the potential of a higher/greater pick next year is quite the gamble... Especially considering they'll likely have a healthy Tavares plus Strome, Okposo, De Haan, Reinhart..etc will all be a year older.

I know I'd be taking Dal Colle/Draisaitl/Bennett over the potential of a better pick in 2015.

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