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Van Buffalo Proposal

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To Buffalo

2nd 2014

2nd 2015

Brendan Gaunce

To Vancouver

1st 2015

I know this is a weird and risky proposal, but anything in the top 3 next year is better than those 3 combined... we haven't had many 2nd's pan out. And Gaunce on wing is unnecessary cause we will like have one in this drfaft plus jensen shin kass fox etc. He will also not owna spot at 3c when horvat is still healthy

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For all the proposals you have made how is your concept of quality over quantity still so far off? xD

On 1 side you have a 3rd line center and 2 picks in a hit in and miss area of the draft.

On the other side you a likely chance to land the NHL's next big superstar.

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Between the 2014 and 2015 drafts, the Sabres have a boatload of first and second round draft picks. I can't see Murray giving them up for peanuts.

As long as Murray picks his draftees well, the Sabres are going to be scary good in a few seasons.

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