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Video of risky B.C. trestle stunt won’t be investigated


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Real winners :rolleyes:



Two masked man who recorded themselves dangling from a trestle high above a Vancouver Island canyon won’t be investigated for wrongdoing, according to RCMP.

A video posted to YouTube April 6 titled “GoPro Trestle Bridge Stunts [Victoria BC]” shows two men in balaclavas appearing to hang off of a trestle above Niagara Canyon in Goldstream Provincial Park.

In the video, the men navigate their way to the middle of the trestle without safety equipment before they each dangle from a pole. At some point, each man uses only one hand to hang above the canyon.

On the YouTube page, the person who posted the video said the stunt was planned after “weeks of planning and preparation,” and that the daredevils wore masks to protect “future employment.”

Vancouver Island Mounties said they’ve seen the video and there’s nothing about it that would prompt a criminal investigation.

BC Parks officials also watched the video, and said they strongly discourage the type of reckless behaviour shown.

The person who posted the stunt even pleaded with viewers to not recreate it. “Instead I dare you to go and do something that you dream of,” the YouTube page reads.

Since being posted to the video-sharing site earlier this month the video has been viewed more than 600 times.

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