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[Proposals] The Future llok

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NOTE: ALL OF THESE TRADES ARE ASSUMING THEY WAIVE THEIR NTC'S. Which will likely happen since they’re going to cup contenders.


To Pit: Kesler and Higgins
To Van: Poliout, 1st 2014 and 2nd 2014

Why Pit does it: They have already expressed interest in Kesler and while their 1st offer was lacking, after they get ousted by the NYR in the playoffs, they’ll come back and offer us more. The problem w/ them is their lack of goal scoring DEPTH. The only real “stars” on their team are Neal, Malkin and Sid. Kunitz isn’t a star IMO because he’s only good w/ Crosby. Adding Kesler to the mix not only makes them more sound defensively, provides a reliable faceoff taker but also some1 who can play on the wing or down the middle while contributing some points here and there. Pittsburgh has a GREAT dman prospect pool w/ Despres, Dumolin, Harrington and Mattaa. Mattaa has emerged as a great player, making Poliout expendable because they’re largely the same type of player. Higgins provides some more scoring depth and can maybe even play w/ Sid if he impresses enough. Also, Kesler is on a GREAT contract right now. Pit’s top 9 would be Crosby, Neal, Malkin, Kesler, Kunitz, Higgy, Bennett, Dupuis and Jokinen (if he stays) along w/ Sutter (if he resigns). Not bad.

Why Van does it: Don’t kid yourself, Kesler’s best days are far behind him The Nashville series Kesler is a memory of what WAS and not what IS. He is a mere shadow of what he was. He’s injury prone and he’s not exactly a “great” player anymore. Before you go nuts in the comments, keep in mind that he’s got as many points as guys like Ward, Smith, Purcell and a bunch of dmen. W/ all that being said, he still brings a compete level night in and night out. He plays an elite defensive game, is a former Selke winner and once scored 40 G. He just doesn’t have the right players to complement him. In Pit though, he’ll be able to play w/ either Malkin, Crosby, Neal, Kunitz or some combo of them; all better than who he currently plays with. This is about as good a return as we’re going to get. Also, Poliout will add some star power to a dman pool that lacks a real “star.” We’ve got depth w/ guys like Corrado, Subban and Cederholm, but in general we lack here. The 1st is just there so we can add to our prospects. Poliout was pretty good at the WJ’s and can still up his game. Hockey’s future has him rated as the 16th best prospect, ahead of guys like Laughton, Wennenberg and even Horvat. So according to them, he becomes our best prospect, not bad considering we DESPERATLY need a rebuild.

To Det: Edler and Hansen
To Van: Sproul, Jurco and 1st 2014

Why Det does it: Biggest reason, they need somebody better to play w/ Kronwall. While Edler may not be great this year, he’s better than the guys Detroit has. Edler and Kronwall could be the bruisers on the Detroit blueline in a conference which largely has more skill than size. Hopefully w/ a change of scenery, Edler can go back to being the player that he once was. Detroit is a team ready to win next year if some of their young players get better. Lidstrom 2.0 on the Wings, makes all the sense in the world to me and Detroit has already expressed interest in him already. He would also add some xp to a young d core even though Edler isn’t that old. Hansen is there to sweeten the pot, lose his salary, lose his roster spot while improving an aging core that frequently gets injured. You could also pair him w/ Tatar and he can be their older Jurco.

Why Van does it: Same story as Kesler, he’s not good as he previously was thought to have been. Edler is just AWFUL now. He has the 2nd worst +- in the league and is having his worst season of his career. W/ Sproul and Jurco, we get 2 guys that can add to our depth of our prospect pool. As for him waiving the NTC, he might waive it after getting ripped by fans and Vancouver becoming a bad team; one competing for higher draft picks rather than the playoffs. Another reason would be the fact that his fellow countryman in Kronwall would be his partner. Also, Detroit is like the second Sweden now. This return would, again, improve our prospect pool. The 1st gets flipped in another trade so that’s why that’s there.

To NYR: Burrows
To Van: 2nd 2014

Why NYR does it: Burrows can play on your top line, or your 4th line. He’s a nice luxury to be had for a playoff contender. He has been mightily struggling this year w/ injuries and a new coach. He might turn this around w/ AV again. On AV’s team, he was almost always on the 1st line. Maybe AV can revive the 1st line Burrows and help the Rangers get to the Finals. His NTC wouldn’t be a problem either because he’s going to a contender and back to his old coach. NYR don’t really need draft picks but boy do they need to win or get close to the cup. There also been rumours that the Rangers and AV want him so it makes sense in this deal.

Why Van does it: Clears salary and frees up a roster spot as well as being able to get us a draft pick which I use in another trade. Burrows is a player good for contenders, not rebuilders or retoolers. Still, would be hard to let go the guy who finally got the nucks to beat the hawks and let us go to the Finals and almost win…

To Ana: Det 1st 2014, Schroeder and NYR 2nd 2014
To Van: Ott 1st 2014

Why Ana does it: They get the 16th pick and a decent player in Schroeder along with a 2nd. They don’t really require anybody in a weak draft this year. They only drop down 6 spots but gain a speedy player and a late 2nd rounder. There are still some good names left at 16 (Honka, Ho-Sang, Kapanen?, etc). They are IMO going to lose in the Finals to the Bruins and they don’t have any glaring weaknesses. They could use some more depth and this trade provides it for them w/ them only dropping 6 spots. Sending Schroeder to Anaheim can help rejuvenate his career and provide them w/ some more goal scoring depth.

Why Van does it: We have no use for picks outside of the top 10 in this years’ draft. We’ve got a decent pool of prospects with DEPTH. We don’t have lots of stars. Schroeder hasn’t panned out here and is close to becoming a bust. I’d do this deal because this draft is top heavy and starts to dwindle down in talent really quickly. Another thing w/ Schroeder is that he doesn’t fit into our team. IMO, Guance> Schroeder. No use in keeping him as a 3rd line C or a checking winger.

2014 Draft: Ehlers w/ 6th pick. I’ve been convinced by everybody that Ehlers is the next best guy after the top 5. Bob McKenzie’s rankings also had him at 6 so that sealed it for me. 100+ points isn’t easy to overlook either. If anybody from the top 5 falls to us, don’t hesitate to get them.
Fluery w/10th pick. We need more Dmen. The last time we drafted a dman in the 1st round was in 2005 when we drafted Luc Bourdon. He’s like another Hamhuis going forward. Would form a good pairing w/ Poliout. Stay at home dman w/ an offensive one, sounds good to me.

McKeown w/ 24ish pick. This adds to our defensive depth and he has the potential to become a top 4 dman on the Canucks. Rounds out our defensive prospects. Pretty good offensively and can drop the gloves. I saw him do decently against McCann in a bout.

Smith w/ 36th pick. He plays w/ Cole Cassels on Oshawa and is a huge guy (6’7, 218Ibs). He’s a no brainer in the 2nd round due to his chemistry w/ Cole. He’s a guy who would just intimidate the other team while scoring.

Nejezchleb w/ 54th pick. Aside from having the best name ever, he’s another physical player who can also score. You can’t get enough of those guys. If he doesn’t score that many goals, at least he can still hit.

Compliance Buyout: Booth. If we can send him to Utica, send him there. If we can’t send him to Utica (I don’t care if he counts against the cap, he’s sent down to free up a roster spot) THEN buy him out.

Resign Stage: Resign everybody, we’ll have plenty of cap with or without the trades.
Free Agency: Sign ONLY players under age of 24ish w/ potential to be better. We need young guys. Don’t get guys like Vanek or Gaborik, those guys will just take time away from rookies.

So to sum it all up:
In: Poliout, McKeown, Nejezchleb, Sproul, Jurco, Fluery
Out: Kesler, Schroeder, Higgins, Burrows, Hansen and Edler

Current Lineup:
Sedin Sedin Jensen
Jurco Bo Santo
Kass Mathias Guance (he better be ready)
Sestito Richardson Lain

Hamhuis Tanev
Garrison Bieksa
Stanton Weber


2015 Draft: Matthew Barzal w/ 5th pick. (I think Edm will be better than us by just a bit). He’s a BC boy we have a realistic shot at getting. He had 54P in 59G for the Thunderbirds this season, pretty good for his 1st year. He’s not small nor is he big (5’11 178Ibs) but he can still grow. He can challenge Horvat for the #1 C job. If we draft him, we’d have insane depth at Centre (Barazal, Horvat, Guance, Cassells, Fox, etc). I think he’ll be the best guy left on the board because I see the 2015 draft shaking down like this:

Buf: McDavid (obvious)
Fla: Eichel (next best player)
Nyi: Barazal, Konecny or Strome (brother of Ryan)
Cgy: Hanfin (Ekblad? They need dmen)
Van: Barazal, Konecny or Strome (Hello future 1st line C)

Future Lines:
Ehlers Barazal Jensen (Pure skill and speed)
Shink Horvat Kass (Perfect line, Sniper, 2way fwd and PWF)
Nejezchleb Guance Jurco (Do it all line, hit, play d and score)
Fox Cassels Smith (Chemistry w/ Smith and Cassels and Fox provides scoring depth)

Fleury Poliout (O-damn and d-dman)
Corrado Tanev (Reliable pairing)
Sproul McKeown (Both have potential to be top 4 dmen and they both score)

Markstrom (Swedish duo, 1 of them will turn out)

Improvements for the future:

Top 6 Winger : This all depends on whether or not Kassian and Shink turns into a good players or not. If they do, then we don’t need anything else. If they don’t, then we need a good top 6 winger to take one of their spots and bump them down to the 3rd line (if Kassian isn’t good) or trade them for a real top 6 winger (if Shink).

While some may argue these trade are lacking in value for us, the end result for the future is worth it. I think these trades vastly improves our prospects pool and put us up there in terms of prospects. If we can get either Mathew Barazal, Travis Konecny, or Dylan Strome, then maybe 1-2 more years of high draft picks and we’re set to win the cup. Well, that’s a long read :)What the hell happned to my title?

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Lol Detroit will never take that trade. Theyre giving up TWO good prospects AND a draft pick for Edler, ok, fine he could play with Kronwall, and Hansen, a 3rd or 4th liner. We're giving up too little, which is good for us, but bad for them so they wont accept that trade.

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The only reason I overvalued Edler is bcuz he has shown that he can be a beast. Detroit also has inquired about him b4 and he just needs a change IMO. Detroit has plenty of young fwds but have crap for defence. They've got Mantha, Tatar, Nyquist, Sheahean among others. They don't need Jurco as well. Management isn't going to give him up for just anything. It's going to take something ridiculous to get him.

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