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Manny Pacquiao, The Canadian Press

MACAU, Macau -- Manny Pacquiao got the big knockdowns he desperately craved, battering Chris Algieri around the ring Sunday on his way to a decision win in a lopsided welterweight title fight.

Pacquiao chased Algieri from the opening bell, knocking him down repeatedly and dominating from the opening bell. About the only thing Pacquiao didn't get was his first knockout in five years, settling instead for a lopsided 12-round decision against an opponent who seemed unwilling to engage.

By the time it was over, Algieri had gone down six times. And Pacquiao had a signature win that should put to rest the idea he's declining and maybe even set up a fight next year with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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yeah, at this point I'm sure Manny just wants the top fights, that's it.

I think Broner is a better boxer than people give him credit tho

Broner does have some talent but he has fought nobody's his whole career so far.

The only semi prominent fighters he has taken one are Maidana (we all saw what happened) and Malignaggi (which I thought was a draw).

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Mayweather said yesterday on Showtime while promoting his brand he wants to fight Manny this May. Says its up to him to make it work now.

yeah I heard that too, said it was Manny's promoter Arum holding up the fight. As exciting as it would be to see this fight, I feel like Floyd has only gotten better while Manny's aggressive style has gotten worse with age. Still, it would be a great fight to see, especially with a great undercard featuring some of Flyod's guys like J'Love etc.

Not sure if anyone enjoys watching guillermo rigondeaux, but he is fighting a japanese boxer at the end of the month. Rigondeaux is by far one of my favorite boxers to watch.

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I used to love watching Mayweather in the De la Hoya years but now he just seems like a douche and there doesn't seem to be anyone nearly that exciting left in boxing.

Same goes for Machitta and Silva I don't see anyone in mma nearly that dynamic

Blood sports are becoming so much more robotic style wise I remember watching Mayweather vs manfreddy when Mayweather was young thinking wow he is so fast he's not afraid to get hit at all he's going to hit him 3 times for every punch landed. Same for Silva, supreme confidence, speed and unorthodox style. Now I don't see anyone really showing anything unique and exciting.

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VIDEO: Pacquaio and Mayweather shake hands at Heat game

It's going to happen. It has to happen at some point. There have been years of build-up, and one side has reportedly agreed to terms, waiting for the other side to put pen to paper. Everyone wants this.

Manny Pacquiao against Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the marquee fight that never was for the interim, but there remains hope the two active legends will finally come to blows in 2015 after years of flirting.

Count the Miami Heat among those who want to see the epic encounter finally take place. Both pugilists were on-hand as the Heat hosted the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday, and the Heat's game operations crew did their best to goad them into throwing down this year.

Unfortunately, Mayweather and Pacquaio were taking in the game on opposite sides of the court. Mayweather, a regular at Heat games for years, is sitting next to the Heat bench, directly across from Pacquiao, who has a relationship with Heat coach Erik Spoelstra. So it's unlikely there will be any coming to blows during play.

At halftime, the two fighters met at half court, shaking hands in what Pacquaio called his first time ever speaking to Mayweather. They certainly seem more cordial than their past discourse would suggest, so perhaps mutual business interests are putting hard feelings aside.

[Vine of Pacman and Floyd talking]


Hey, whatever helps get this fight done is OK with us. Put it on every screen at every NBA game, and invite both fighters to each game until they get a deal done.

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