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[Proposal] (long read) Trades, Signings and draft


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Hopefully Anaheim gets knocked out by the 2nd round, I'd like to see something like this happen

I Don't want to trade Kesler, I like his game but trading him would be best for this team.

1.Anh: Kesler, Higgins

Van: Silfverberg, S. Theodore, Anh(Ott)1st, Anh(Tor) 2nd

2.Win: Jensen, Hansen, Schroeder, Van or Tor 2nd... close to what Winnipeg wants in, prospect(s), regular, and pick(s)

Van: Kane, Win 3rd ... there is all the rumours about him being difficult but for all I know it's an act on his part as he knows it's the easiest way to get out of Winnipeg, he is a force no matter what.

win/van relationship, Kane's supposed attitude problem & wanting out, injury/off year .. his value somewhat drops. ( would I do this trade if it was opposite.. yes!!)

3. Booth with recent play and finally healthy, year left on contract and a few teams needing to get to cap floor, could get us a 3rd RD pick at worst 4th RD pick.. no need for a buyout

draft: I have a feeling Draisaitl will be the odd man out of the top 5 but if all does go as planned

6th pick: Draisaitl, Nylander, 10th pick: Ehlers, Kapanen .. hopefully Ehlers falls here, he will be the steal of the draft and we need another Dane to replace the ones just lost.

2nd Rd pick: McKeown, Ollas Mattsson, Pettersson, Dougherty all are defenceman or B. Lemieux if still around

A lot of people want Virtanen in the 6 - 10 pick, however we need more skilled players, yes they are smaller but are more skilled and with Kane he is the guaranteed stronger/skilled player that Virtanen may or may not be

Sign: Stastny @ 7m - 7.5 for 3yrs .. he is still young and with cap going up year after year will easily get similar or bigger contract after this period, if he wants 7 yrs give him that @6.5, Sedins are gone in 4yrs and there is room for Horvat/Gaunce/Cole etc....

B. Pouliot or Winnik @ 2m, P. Bissonnette 850k, resign: Kassian @ 2m, Silfverberg @ 2m, Tanev @ 2.5m, Weber @ 850k .... after all of this we will still have around 3m left over for a backup goalie if it's felt that one is needed.

Edler isn't going anywhere next years defence is set.

As for the Coach, even though I always thought that Tortorella was not the one for this team if he and the new GM can agree on a style played then he should be given one more year if not.. not sure who could replace him, Trotz definitely not, depends on who is let go at seasons end but the ones I thought last summer that would be good are John Stevens or Jeff Blashill

Sedin, Sedin, Kassian/Burrows/Silfverberg

Silfverberg/Burrows, Stastny, Kane

Pouliot/Winnik, Matthias, Burrows/Kassian

Bissonnette, Richardson, Sestito

(if Horvat or Gaunce are ready they can slot in on the 3rd line and Pouliot/Winnik on the 4th with

Sestito as the extra)

Hamhius, Bieksa

Edler, Tanev

Garrison, Stanton



Markstorm ( Vokoun, Elliot, Guigere, Emery ) ..... T.Thomas hahah that would kill me

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Trades are alright but i dont think its necessary to trade for silveberg and to give up jensen when hes still going to get better and a lot of upside with him, again it isnt really necessary to get e. kane. As for the FA signings. The paul stastny contract is wayy over board. We dont need to sign all those free agents when we can play our young guys, no one is expecting us to make the playoffs anyways. Also, its most likely that we re-sign santorelli, hes been very good for us before he got injured.

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