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Air Canada caught tossing luggages 6 metres down


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Air Canada is apologizing after a video purporting to show a baggage handler dropping luggage from roughly six metres off the ground hit social media.

The video, taken by a passenger on board a plane, shows a baggage handler dropping bags from a boarding gate to a luggage bin.


I'm sticking with Westjet and Porter from now on!

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Sad response from Air Canada simply stating that is not their procedure. If they can't control how baggage handlers are acting, what is to say they have any control over whether the pilots or maintenance crews are following proper procedure?

I am interested to see if they throw the baggage handlers under the bus for this, or if they treat the situation appropriately and go after those who are supposed to be planning, supervising, and managing the process. Given proper planning and appropriate oversight, this type of situation can be avoided even if you have a few bad workers.

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