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[Proposal] Van - Det then Van - Ana

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im not sure if this is fair but



2014 second round (Van)



and then




2014 first (OTT)


2014 Second (Ana)

This gives Corrado and Tommernes a chance to play top 6 minutes and lets Horvat/Gaunce play 2/3 line minutes. Plus allows us to pick a more skilled player with the 6th overall pick and a safer player with the 10th pick (could be reversed)

Centres would be

Henrik Sedin

Shawn Mathais

Bo Horvat / Brendon Ganuce

Mike Santorelli

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The edler trade i might give them a 4th instead of a 2nd rounder or if the value is too low, then maybe just a straight up one for one. Then the centres, i really think Santo is a better fit on the 2nd line compared to matthias. Richardson also needs to be one of our centres.

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I really like the Kesler one, and honestly, if Edler only wants to go to Detroit, is this is all Detroit Is offering, I'm all for it. This team is handcuffed with NTC's. We need to get rid of Hansen and Edler at the LEAST. I really like our D prospects in Corrado, Tommerness, and Cederholm. These guys will be our next gen D-core for sure.

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Stopped reading when I saw Mantha. UNTOUCHABLE. He has the chance to be one of the best pwf's in the league.

they reason i believe he is available is:

1) He is still considered a "boom or bust" prospect because, scouts say that he uses he size to "bully" his way to the net against weaker competition and there not sure if it will translate to the next level.

2) Detriot probably isn't going to wait the 2-3 years its going to take to develop him, with players like datsyuk and zetterberg in their mid thirties and a "retool" in the near future. I know they are stacked with young prospects but non of them seem to have that datsyuk/ zetterberg ability to create something out of nothing.

3) Detriot has a history of using there top prospect help there team now as opposed to later. (david legwand trade)

4) they still have a deep farm system that has players like mantha, that are almost nhl ready (mitch callahan)

5)they could really do with a proven top 4 defence man (beside this year, elder looked like a promising defenceman)

sorry for any grammar issues

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