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All roles handed out. Please be sure to read the OP's Important Changes as well, it goes over that using the PMs in an attempt to identify friends may not work out well for you (I may have laid some traps in there for y'all, give it a shot at your peril).

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A chilled breeze blows dust through the sparsely populated thoroughfare, and silence pervades the town's usually busy streets. There is something ominous about this silence, as if the town itself were holding it's breath in expectation of an inevitable violence.


Al Swearengen and his hoods look to secure the gold claims and those that own them in a bid to control the wealth of the town.


Newcomer Wild Bill Hickock and his trusted friends seek to stop him and return the camp back to a state of relative peace, and allow the citizens of the camp to seek their fortunes free of oppression.


Let the battle for Deadwood begin.

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