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Trading up in the draft......cost verses benifit


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Hi keeping in mind that we are drafting #6

What would it cost to move up one spot in this draft?

Keeping in mind that there is only a 40% chance of drafting a third liner or better,( I think the average over the last 20 years is something like a 5 out of 10, which is a nhl player, but not an allstar...more of a 3 or 4th line player...." ON AVERAGE"........so basically, you are drafting for a potential, hypothetical top end, which "Could" be elite, but will probably be average.

So in saying that, what is it worth, if anything to move up? Is there a benifit? What is the cost? It is certainly not a 1st or high second, or a good prospect....IMO

What do you think?

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I would trade down. It's not that deep of a Draft and 6th spot isn't very appealing. Especially with the way our scouts have been drafting.

Deal that first to Winnipeg to land Kane or maybe even Ladd? I don't have much faith in our scouts.

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