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A prospect that could shine in Future


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Arvin Atwal good size 6'1 195lb great shot and improved a lot from last year. 5th or 6th rounder but raw player who could shine like frank corrado. He needs to improve his skating skills but I would say local kid great pick if we can get him.


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I am sorry if I put the post in wrong form but we are looking into draft aren't we.

He's not currently a Canuck, so it's not Canucks Talk. It makes a little more sense that way and doesn't confuse anyone into thinking this guy's a prospect we already have (looking at the title).

There are some draft discussion threads you could add this into, but otherwise I'd suggest the Junior Hockey Discussion forum if you want to create a thread on a player eligible for the draft.

Can you explain how this is Canucks talk?

Looks like I'm not the only one to ever comment on a thread being in the wrong place...

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7th round maybe.

I went to my fair share of Giants games this year, and saying his skating skills need to improve is an understatement. He is a well below average skater at the WHL level, and doesn't really have any redeeming skills that make up for it outside of having decent strength and an aggressive mentality.

He isn't ranked in the top 210 NA skaters for the draft, and there is a reason for that.

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i no this guy personally, might be biased but was ranked in the 4th round early this year and dropped to 6th and could be a great pickup if he drops to 7th

Developing two way workhorse dee-man with good size, skill and physicality. While a snarly defender first and foremost, he moves the puck feel and sees time on the PP. Has decent mobility and an active stick. Gets position in front of his net and physically battles the attackers. Will stand up for teammates but doesn't go looking for confrontations.


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Kyle Wood ranked #191 shoots right 6-4 195pnds D-man would love to find out more if anyone watched him let me know is he just a shut down D-man or is he a good skater does he hit does use his stick well does he make a good first pass hows his shot can he turn into a top 4 or is he an 8th in the future?

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As far as late round longshots go, I've been thinking that Blake Clarke might be worth picking up with a 5th or 6th rounder.

He's a really interesting case. As a 16-year-old rookie (2012-13), he scored 19 goals and 32 assists (51 points) in 68 games for the OHL's Brampton Battalion. He even worked his way up to a regular shift on the Battalion's first line.

Then, he suffered a fairly serious shoulder injury but made the boneheaded decision to not inform his training staff. Playing through a hidden injury, Clarke's performance was severely hindered and his production plummeted.

He was traded to the Saginaw Spirit and never found his game (not really surprising as he was also secretly playing hurt and didn't receive treatment).

Over the past year, his stock has dropped significantly. Once considered a top prospect, he fell to #93 in the NA midterms and #134 in the NA final rankings.

With scouts having no idea this guy was playing hurt, he's been roundly criticized for shying away from contract and playing a perimeter game. Here's a good example of what's been said about him:

consistently loses board battles, making him easy prey for the opposition .. apprehensive to engage and plays a more perimeter game, refusing to attack the dirty areas of the ice or driving lanes without the puck

Much of this is explainable due to him playing hurt but even after the injury became public, the damage had been done. Many people have questioned Clarke's judgment for trying to hide an injury and this has to be one the the most notable examples of a guy "actually getting lower marks for playing through injury."

Before the injury, Clarke was being profiled as a guy with "solid offensive instincts and better than average puck skills. . . with deceptive quickness and can accelerate with the puck. . . soft hands and can architect plays."

He'd definitely be a "project" and there are some real questions about his judgment but this is a kid who's proven he can produce at the junior level (0.75 points per game as a 16-year-old OHL rookie is nothing to sneeze at). With a return to health and some help repairing his confidence (and hopefully with the forgiveness and regained trust of his coaches/trainers), Clarke could be a better than point per game player in 2014-15.

At eighteen, Clarke is 6'1", 190lb, so he has good size. He's a LH-shooting left winger. It'll be interesting to see how he handles contact next season but I suspect that he'll prove to be much more engaged and willing to go to the dirty areas when he's not secretly playing with a busted shoulder.

Definitely a risky pick but that's what the later rounds are for. I don't see too many players with Clarke's 2012-13 numbers being available after the 4th round (especially in this draft year).

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