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Which prospect is most likely to fall out of top 5?


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Thus if any player falls, itll certainly be Draistail,

I totally agree,

This is the guy who will fall.

Lack of speed and compete level are the two things that will turn a Junior star into an NHL bust, GM's know this and will not want to take a chance with such a high pick.

But If he's available, we need to take the chance on him. As I've said before we need TALENT at center ice, someone who can create offense from scratch and turn 15 goal scorers into 20 goal scorers.

Despite what everyone seems to think we do not need some "power forward 5 year project" we already have one of those (and he's coming along nicely)

In the end, skill rules over all other qualities, and skill at center ice rules over skill at any other position.

As Alex Mogilney said in the 90's "It all starts at center ice, so if you can't find us a skilled center, then trade ME for one."

This team needs it's key piece for the future, and I'd be willing to gamble with this pick to try and get it.

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