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Happy birthday, Alexander Edler!

Goat James

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Thought that I'd make a thread about this! I also thought that we'd all share our favorite Alex Edler memory! <3

Alex was one of my favorite players, I remember in his rookie season when he was used as a secret weapon in the shootouts and Mattias Öhlund said that he'd be a really good defenseman one day!


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When he scores, the opposition raise their sticks!


We are all being hard on Edler(and rightfully so), but I'm optimistic that he will come back next year a much better player. He can be a high end defenseman. It's not a figure of our imagination. We know it's there, coaches know it's there, it's on him to elevate his game and I believe he will.

Happy birthday Alex, older and wiser.

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I first saw Edler at UBC Prospects Camp; he stood out for me.

Big, great shot, great skater, sure-fire prospect to make the big team.

(Wrote a long analysis of almost all the Nux prospects at that camp. It became my first post on this forum and of course I didn't put it in the right topic or genre or whatever and got straightened out right away! Other responses were like "Who is this guy?" and "Joined CDC just to post this?")

Anyway, Alex was the overall standout for me and I think he has proven his worth every year, even this tough year he played a lot of minutes for the club.

Happy Birthday Alex! (Hope you never have to take orders from Torts again and can get back to your normal great play.)

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