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Google Chrome - SSL Error

G.K. Chesterton

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via Chrome go into the settings and find the security tab. In there you probably have a ton of stuff disabled, enable anything to do with secure sockets or SSL.
You could also just have a corrupt cookie. Try clearing all of your history, temporary files and cookies, the close out Chrome and re-open it.

If that doesn't do it, set your PC time and date correctly (if it's not the current date/time).

if none of that works, uninstall and reinstall chrome.

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Ill sacrifice some speed for add ons any day of the week. Been FF user since 2004 before it became mainstream

ohhhh, you're such a hipster.

congratulations you picked up a web browser at launch, back when it was decent, and have stuck to it, even though it's now horrible.

there's a reason chrome is the #1 browser in the world, and it's not familiarity/nostalgia.

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