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[Proposal] 2014 Draft & Off-Season

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No one liked my last proposal, so I'll try this again...

By the way, before I begin I'm assuming we aren't trying for the playoffs next year.

Before the draft begins sign Tanev to a reasonable deal, without a no trade clause. Then on the draft try this with Florida:

To Florida:

-Tanev (they'll still get a really good future defenseman)

-6th Overall (they'll get another good prospect)

-Fox (possibly a bottom 6 forward of the future)

-2nd Round

To Vancouver:

-1st Overall (Ekblad)

-2015 3rd (deep draft)

^I tried not to give up "too much", but they will overvalue the first pick so I don't even know if they'd accept that.

Since Hansen's limited no trade clause doesn't kick in until after the draft (I believe), send him out to a team trying for the playoffs next year that lacks a good bottom 6. Get a 2015 2nd back.

Hoping Pittsburgh has a bad playoff run, Kesler's value to them may be raised. Perhaps a deal such as this can be done:

To Pittsburgh:

-Kesler with salary retained, his contract only has 2 years after this.

-Higgins (I don't know about his limited NTC though.).

-2015 3rd

To Vancouver:



-2015 2nd (move up slightly in the draft)

I'm assuming no one else will waive their NTC:

-The Sedins-they're retiring here for sure.

-Hamhuis & Garrison-from BC.

-Bieksa & Burrows-really like being on this team.

-Edler-said he wants to come back to Vancouver

What's gained from this:

Bennett could be a good top 6 forward of the future. However, the most important part of it is Pouliot & Ekblad. Could be the best defensive paring in the NHL in a few years. Pouliot is a solid offensive defense man, who would be great for the power play and setting up the offense. Ekblad is just in general an all around great defense man. On top of this Corrado can hopefully become a second D-paring and Edler/Garrison are still in their prime and could a veteran partner to him in the future.


-Santorelli (1 year deal, just give him whatever he wants there's lots of cap space.)

-Kassian ($2M for 3 years)

-Schroeder (under a million, for a year)

-Dalpe (under a million, for a year)

-Weber (under a million, for a year)

-Alberts (under a million, for a year)

-Archibald (under a million, for a year)

-Elliott (1 year deal, give him as much money needed for him to come here)

Lineups Next Year:



3-Matthias/Schroeder/Jensen (Schroeder's last chance at breaking out.)


-Dalpe, Lain, Sestito. Maybe later in the year Horvat, Shinkaruk, or Gaunce. If Horvat is ready, shift Matthias down and scratch Booth or Archibald (if the team is looking to cause trouble, e.g. Calgary put in Archibald, otherwise play Booth).




-Stanton, Weber, Alberts. Maybe later in the year Pouliot. If Ekblad isn't ready throw in Stanton. If Pouliot & Eblad are both ready, Corrado can be given another year in the AHL.



-Markstrom, he is not ready for the NHL and he needs to play (e.g. not a back up), let him play in the AHL. Also, Lack needs a "mentor" and probably can't handle the load of a full starter.

With this team there should be a top 5, if not top 10 pick. Should be able to get a first line center of the future with Horvat being the second (or possibly Horvat on the wing if Schroeder can break out). Shinkaruk, Bennett, Kassian, Jensen, and other draft picks can be top 6 wingers. Ekblad, Pouliot, Corrado, Edler?, Garrison?, Stanton, and other draft picks can be a defensive core.

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1st deal - not enough there for Florida to give up the first overall pick

2nd deal - not enough return for Van. They are trying to get Pouliot++ just for kesler, let alone hansen as well. Add Pens first rounder in 2014 or 2015 and then you have a good starting point

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I'm just going to skip right over that first deal, but the second one? Yikes. We retain salary in Kesler's contract, add Higgins and our 3rd just to get back a little higher pick in a late 2nd, Pouliot and Bennet? If we aren't getting that for Kesler alone while not retaining salary, I say no.

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