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(Proposal) Vancouver - Winnipeg

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Instead of using the pick this year in a draft that is not as deep and waiting for the prospect to develop and become nhl ready, why not trade it for someone who is, while the core is in the win stage now.

To Winnipeg : Hansen + 6 overall

To Vancouver : E. Kane

Kane is nhl ready goal scorer what the Canucks need. Some say he has attitude problems, it's because he doesn't want to be in Winnipeg, he wants to come home to van city!

Buyout booth

Sedin Kesler burrows

Kane sedin santorelli/ Jensen

Higgins Mathias/ santorelli kassian

Archibald Richardson lain

Hamhuis tanev

Edler bieksa

Garrison corrado




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Because you heard it on TSN, you believe it?

I have a bridge to sell you.

Kane is a good person. He practices at a local rink every summer and does some pretty awesome stuff anonymously for folks in need.

But you all, besides the OP, know better because you read Bleacher Report or Hockey Buzz.....

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I don't believe everything I read about him, sure he could have some some attitude issues but we have a lot of experienced leaders in our locker room. I would love to have him on our team he has a lot of promise and raw talent. I do think it would cost more then Hansen and a 6th in a weak draft. More along the lines of..... To Winn - Jensen and the 6th or Hansen 1st 2014 and 1/2 2015

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