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(proposal) In a perfect world (long read)

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The Sedins are not getting any younger. They have said they want to stay here and want to contend for a cup. Honestly, I think we owe it to them to make at least 3 of their potential last 4 years here legitimate playoff runs, besides, with them is our best chance to win anyway. Plus, lets not forget, we have seen what happens to this team when the Sedins are taken out of the equation, due to either injury or lack of production. The team falls apart and we lose over and over again. I for one, would not like to go through a 2-3 year period after they retire where we can't make playoffs. We need to acquire young guys now, that can step in and fill their void 4 years from now. Take a look at our future forwards. (I'm considering the ones 25 and younger)

Bo Horvat

Nicklas jensen

Zack Kassian

Hunter Shinkaruk

Brendan Gaunce

Cole Cassels

We actually have a nice diversity of players. However, I think by adding a top playmaker and a top scorer, it would be elite. I propose this draft we draft not only Jake Virtanen, but Sam Reinhart as well. 2 BC boys who can play offense big time. Then next year, focus more on getting a defensive prospect in the system.

Jake Virtanen, is almost the exact opposite yet still effective. He has all the tools he needs to be a great player, except he needs to work on his defensive skills and effort more as well as using his teammates more. 1, if those are his knocks, then I say give him a month with Tortorella, see if he can turn that around.

Sam Reinhart is the kind of playmaker we need and we lack. High hockey IQ, great hands, and can see the play very well. Honestly, his skill set reminds me of Henrik. (Which could be prediction for the future.) If Henrik could rub off on Reinhart and develop his game into a art ross trophy winner like his, than we would be golden.

Both are local and could practice together over the summer and develop chemistry. They're skillets seem to be perfect complements anyway, have them get to know each other and maybe we can see the chemistry get built.

Now getting Virtanen, is the easy part. If we keep our 6th pick, than most likely, we can pick him up after the top 5 is gone. The tough part is Sam Reinhart who I think will go top 2. In order to get him we would have to give up a lot.

I hear one of the only other places Edler would like to live is New York so lets send him there. I know Buffalo is in a rebuild, but just because you're in a rebuild you don't only pick up prospects, especially ones that already fill a need. Who do they have on Defense? Not much. Trade Edler, let him play with his old buddy Erhoff who was one of the only shining spots not hat Sabres roster and next year they could see a defensive pairing every team is envious of while they both enjoy better success playing together. Also takes pressure of Tyler Myers as well. Oh and keep in mind. If Schneider on a 2 year contract could get the 9th pick in one of the deepest drafts we've seen, then is a package focused around Edler on a 5 year contract, in a relatively week draft so far fetched? Both have all star/perrenial all star talent, you just have to put them in the right situation. We know what that situation is. With a player like Ehrhoff. No player like Ehrhoff, than Ehrhoff himself.

Throw in still a b level offensive prospect like Schroeder and I think it's a mighty fair deal. Schroeder may be undersized and struggled with i injury, and may not have put up crazy numbers on our struggling team, but he is still a good player and only 22 years old. Also, I think his speed and style will be a good fit in the east. This year, another one of our boys, Mason Raymond put up 45 points this season, and he also plays a speed focused game. I'm not saying he will put up 45, but 20-30? Yeah I think so.

Our second overall pick also has value. Some people seem to think that second overall is useless, but the 36th overall isn't even that far off from a lat first rounder. Great prospects are chosen in the second round. Last year, Buffalo took Justin Bailey at 53, and from i hear, they seem pretty happy with him. Granted, that was a deep draft, but still, my point stands, 36th is still a good pick.

If it's true and Alex Edler actually wouldn't mind playing in New York, than this is a great fit.

  • He would be on a team where he is the go to guy on a actually pretty good looking defensive squad.
  • gets to play with his old friend Christian Ehrhoff, where he had lots of success
  • With this move, personally, I think Buffalo would have completed their rebuild, and therefore be on the up and up. Why wouldn't he want to go to a team that should be a lot better next year and only get better?

To me, I think he should, and would take it.

Proposal: To Buff: Edler, Schroeder, Van's 2nd round pick, (36 overall)

To Van: 2nd overall pick.

Their roster would consist of

Conacher Ennis Stewart

Grigorenko Grigensons Hodgson

Larson Schroeder Stafford

Foligno Mitchell Lieno

Edler Ehrhoff

Zadarov Myers

McCabe Ristoleinen



Honestly, for a rebuilding team, is that a bad lineup? You can't just field a roster of 20 players that are all below the age of 25. That lineup has solid center depth, young guys, as well as veterans to mentor. Their defense is huge and would be a struggle for any team to play against plus they have skill. 4 great young defensmen and 2 great veterans to lead the way. This could complete their rebuild in one move and they still get the 36th pick to pick up a b level prospect. Oh and on top of that, they still have over 10 million in cap space for if they want to go to free agency. See if you can sign a Thomas Vanek, or a Matt Moulson, too complement their fine young centers. Buffalo would be in good shape.

In return we complete our portion of the forward rebuild and then can focus on defensive prospects or signing a defenseman. Our future would look like

Shinkaruk Reinhart Virtanen

Jensen Horvat Kassian

Fox Gaunce Cassels

Looks pretty deep to me. Plus, I personally think Reinhart could immediately join the team and be Keslers playmaking winger we wanted.

Sedin Sedin Jensen

Burrows Kesler Reinhart

Higgins Santorelli Kassian

Mattias Richardson Hansen

or if you wanted him at center

Sedin Sedin Jensen

Burrows Reinhart Kassian

Higgins Kesler Santorelli

Mattias Richardson Hansen

4 lines that can play well and play hard. This allows us to instead of playing the Sedins and Kesler 22 minutes a night, we can play them 18-19, and get the full production out of them. Trust me, those 22 minutes will go a long way. Especially near the end stretch when fatigue really wears in. The Sedins were playing their best when they were around 18-19 minutes anyway. Give 3 of those more defensive minutes to the bottom 6.

As for the rest our prospects?

  • Horvat gets one more year in juniors to truly develop his offensive game. I've mentioned this before but Horvat is a rare gem. That's why we gave up an all-star, or close to one, for him. He is ALMOST the complete package. Plays exceptional defense, can play physical, has great leadership skills, can move to center or wing, and overall is just a quality prospect. However, his offensive game is only pretty good. In comparison to the rest of his game, a bit lackluster. Let him get one more year with the knights, to focus on almost purely his offensive game. Then next year, in my honest opinion, have a top 5 colder candidate.
  • Gaunce and Fox developing chemistry and their skills in Utica. (Could be great depth come late season and playoffs)
  • Shink, Cassels, and Virtanen stay in junior and develop even further. This is how teams like detroit does it, and we should follow suit.

Next year on defense, Corrado will probably crack the lineup and we would have

Hamhuis Tanev

Garrison Bieksa

Stanton Corrado


Hamhuis Tanev

Garrison Corrado

Stanton Bieksa

We have an established top 4 in Hamhuis, Garrison, Bieksa, and Tanev, 2 young defencemen, excluding Tanev on the team that have actually showed promise. 3 vets, and 3 young guys. And even if you don't like it, ok, that 5 million that we were paying Edler could go to free agency. If we buyout booth, which I don't even think we need too, then thats 9.25 freed up off the books on top of the cap space we already have.

We have a couple defensive prospects like Jordan Subban, Ben Hutton, Henrik Tommerness, Jereme Blain etc. Who I think could all be great depth defensemen in case somebody goes down, but who knows, maybe someone like Jordan can be make the jump.

The youth movement would be alive and well and our team would not be too shabby.

A lot of people would consider this way too far fetched, but honestly, I don't think so. This move benefits every player involved and greatly helps both teams involved be better for the considerable future. If Edler has any chance at waiving his NTC, then I think this is the deal to make.What do you guys think?


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Buffalo is rebuilding why on earth would they give up potentially drafting Reinhart or Ekblad for Edler, Schroeder and a 2nd?

i would be shocked if Florida passes on ekblad and buffalo doesn't really need another center. So could happen ??? Maybe but I doubt edler waives to go to buffalo.......
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Buffalo is rebuilding why on earth would they give up potentially drafting Reinhart or Ekblad for Edler, Schroeder and a 2nd?

This, exactly

Typical "spare parts and overpaid underperforming players for other teams superstars or high value draft picks" proposal that is way to common to this board

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i would be shocked if Florida passes on ekblad and buffalo doesn't really need another center. So could happen ??? Maybe but I doubt edler waives to go to buffalo.......

Don't get carried away Buffalo has no offensive stars and was the last ranked offense by 39 goals behind the 29th ranked team. I don't see how anyone would think the Sabres would suddenly be like... Well we clearly don't need Reinhart with all of this amazing depth we have here... Plus if anything they will just take Bennett.

Edler also makes no sense for the Sabres. Teams that are starting a multiple year rebuild don't trade away top tier prospects for late 20's players coming off bad years. If they move that #2 pick for defense the teams at the front of the line will be teams offering early 20 year old defensive prospects.

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IMHO the only way we get Reinhart is if he falls to us or we trade up using our pick in the package. Who would be interested in a deal like this?

To Vancouver: Nail Yakupov, 2014 3rd overall

To Edmonton: Alexander Edler, Jannik Hansen, 2014 6th overall

It's highly unlikely Ekblad falls to 3rd so Edmonton could move down and take the next best defenceman in Fleury. It's a win-win trade IMO, they get what they need in defence and we get what we need in blue-chip forward prospects. Then if we want Virtanen as well we could then trade Kesler to a team in the 7-10 range for a package including that pick.

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