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[Proposal] Van-Tor

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NO! Not Tanev, might as well keep him if we're getting another young dman back.

Not even if we could bring a missing and needed element (top level puck-moving ability) at the expense of a player with an element that we already have lots of (solid two-way play from the back end)? It's good to like our young guys esp. college bargain signings but sometimes it's important to be realistic too, Tanev simply doesn't have the same offensive upside from the back end that this team needs and could get from Jake.

I mean Chris is coming into his own and good for him, but Jake is coming into his own too and has put up pretty decent numbers so far. He's likely different from Hoff in terms of style in that he's more aggressive as a puck-mover but the potential to put up points is there. Meanwhile, we'd still have Hammer, Garrison, Stanton and probably Corrado who can all play safe but the first three likely don't have the offensive upside that Jake could have in the future when (if) he reaches his potential. I think it's safe to say that Jake > Tanev in terms of the impact they could make for the team in the future considering the team's makeup and each player's skill-set, since we lack an offensive-minded D-man (don't count Tommernes, Hutton, etc.).

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