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Welcome to the inaugural season of the CDC Elite Hockey League (EHL), a new pool for the 2014-15 season.


CDCEHL 2014-15


medium.pngBombastik der Teutone
medium.pngDrouin AGM:
medium.pngGo Faulk Yourself AGM: Brendan Gaunce
medium.pngPatrick Kane AGM:
483288048.pngDion Phaneuf
medium.pngHowYaDrouin AGM: Mimerez
medium.pngIlya Kovalchuk.
medium.png*VaNcOuVeRCaNuCkS* AGM: canucklax
medium.pngSidney Crosby.
medium.pngOurTimeToShine AGM:
medium.pngBrad Marchand
medium.pngCanuck Surfer AGM: Peaches


This league is NOT first come first serve. I will be hiring GMs based on how I feel they will benefit the league and what they bring to the table. If you aren't hired don't be discouraged, you simply need experience and I'm sure someone would love to take you on as an Assistant General Manager.

Please PM me the following information with the title: 'EHL Application - [username]'

1: Why do you wish to join the league?

2: What is your previous fantasy hockey experience and what have you learned from that?

3: What makes you an asset to the league?

4: How active do you plan on being

5: What teams would you like? (rank in order)

Please keep in mind that I will not be hiring GM's who have a history of quitting after the draft. The goal of this league is a long term keeper league and we are looking for commitment.


Commissioner: Caboose
Board of Governors: AriGold & Intoewsables & Caboose
Player Agent: Caboose
Trade Tracker: Caboose
Graphic Designer: Intoewsables

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2014/15 EHL Entry Draft:

1. Pittsburgh Penguins
2. Tampa Bay Lightning
3. Toronto Maple Leafs
4. Vancouver Canucks
5. Philadelphia Flyers
6. Dallas Stars
7. Carolina Hurricanes
8. New Jersey Devils
9. Ottawa Senators
10. New York Rangers
11. St. Louis Blues
12. Arizona Coyotes
13. Anaheim Ducks
14. Colorado Avalanche
15. New York Islanders
16. Boston Bruins
17. Montreal Canadiens
18. Los Angeles Kings
19. Winnipeg Jets
20. Nashville Predators
21. Detroit Red Wings
22. Edmonton Oilers
23. Chicago Blackhawks
24. Florida Panthers
25. Washington Capitals
26. Calgary Flames
27. Columbus Blue Jackets
28. Minnesota Wild
29. TBA
30. TBA

Draft Spreadsheet:

Time Limits:




Download the Google Sheets App to view on mobile.

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.docs.editors.sheets&hl=en

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/google-sheets/id842849113?mt=8



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Forward Scoring:

Goals/Assists: 4 points

Shootout Winning Goals: 2 points

Power Play Points: 1 additional point

Short Handed Points: 2 additional points

Overtime Points: 2 additional points

Game Winning Goals: 1 additional point

Penalty Minutes: 0.5 point per minute

Plus/Minus: 1 points per 1 + rating

Hat Trick: 10 additonal points

Defenseman Scoring:

Goals/Assists: 6 points

Shootout Winning Goals: 3 points

Power Play Points: 1 additional point

Short Handed Points: 2 additional points

Overtime Points: 2 additional points

Game Winning Goals: 1 additional points

Penalty Minutes: 0.5 points per minute

Plus/Minus: 1 points per 1 + rating

Hat Trick: 20 additional points

Goaltender Scoring:

Win: 10 points

OT/SO Losses: 5 points

Shutouts: 10 additional points

Goals: 99 points

Assists: 10 points

Penalty Minutes: 1 point per minute

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Your goal is to build a contender through any means possible, be it the draft, trades, or free agency. Be fair with your peers and remember that the commissioner's word is final.

1.2 - LOSING

Someone has to finish last, but I expect each GM to try their hardest to make sure it isn't them. No owner will be happy with a losing season! 'Rebuilding' (the trading of veterans for young, NHL ready or near NHL ready, assets or picks), is fine, but 'Tanking' is not. General Managers who fail to ice a competitive 20-23 man roster will find themselves on the hotseat or worse!



Make as many trades as you like, but be sure to follow these guidelines.

Please PM all trades to the trade tracker Caboose. Be sure to include all involved parties in this 'Trade Call'. Once a trade has been confirmed by both parties it will be ratified and posted by the league.

When trading a player with a NTC/NMC PM the player agent Caboose the reasons why your player should consider waiving his clause to join the other club. Once a player has waived you may initiate a PM with the trade tracker.

Please note that pool points are not transferred in a trade. Traded players begin collecting pool points at the time the trade is confirmed by both parties.

Trades that violate the roster limitations outlined in Article 3 will be revoked by the league.


to [CITY B]: Player Y

The EHL Trade Deadline will be on MARCH 2nd at 11:59 PM


The commissioner and assistant commissioner reserve the right to 'veto' any move they deem unfair at their discretion. The move will have to be either re-worked or cancelled all together.

This is considered a LAST RESORT and will not be exercised often. If you have any questions about whether a trade is fair feel free to privately message a commissioner about it and refrain from discussing it in the thread.


A player's waiver eligibility is determined by TWO factors. A player is eligible for waivers if they have played 100 or more NHL regular season games OR are 26 years of age or older.

If you intend to place a player on waivers please make a post in the thread in BOLD outlining your intentions.

If you wish to claim a player off waivers you must make a post in the thread in BOLD outlining your intentions.

In the event of multiple claims for the same player, the waiver order is determined by the reverse order of the standings as of the time the player was placed on waivers.

A player is on waivers for 48 hours

Unclaimed players are free to be assigned to the parent club's farm team.


Money paid to players outside of the NHL counts against the cap.

Teams may bury up to 1.5 million dollars of a contract before it begins to count against the salary cap.

Entry level contracts and bonuses are exempt from this rule.


If a player has been placed on the LTIR by his real NHL team he is eligible to be placed on LTIR by his EHL team.

Players on the LTIR do not count towards the teams salary cap or roster cap, but do not collect pool points when on LTIR.

Please make a post in the thread in BOLD that you intend to place a player on the LTIR and provide a link proving he is in fact on LTIR. Acceptable sources will be at the commissioner's discretion.

Once a player has been taken off the LTIR by his NHL team you have 72 hours to do the same. Non compliance will result in your top player being suspended by the league for 3 (game) days.



The following restrictions are placed on your roster:

Maximum Number of Players: 23
Maximum Number of Forwards: 14
Maximum Number of Defenseman: 8
Maximum Number of Goalies: 2
Maximum Number of Contracts: 50


You must also keep your roster within the real life cap restrictions imposed by the NHL

Cap Floor: $51,000,000
Cap Ceiling: $69,000,000


Failure to comply with these rules will result in your top player being suspended until your team can comply and may end with your removal from the league.

Teams are able to go as far over the cap as they'd like during the off season.



For a player to be eligible for your NHL roster he must be under contract to your team. Contracts are negotiated with the player agent: Caboose.

When attempting to negotiate a contract with the player agent, ensure that you include a dollar value, number of years, and a reason as to why they should sign with your hockey team.


Then entry draft is held every year after the playoffs to draft top young prospects from across the world. The order is determined by seasonal standings. There will be a lottery for the bottom 5 teams to determine who gets the 1st overall pick.

The default salary for prospects will be as follows:

1st - 3rd overall picks: 3.75 million
4th - 9th overall picks: 2.75 million
10th - 15th overall picks: 1.75 million
16th - 30th overall picks: 1.05 million
31st - 60th overall picks: .875 million
61st - 120th overall picks: .775 million


Any player who is 27 years of age or older or any prospect who is still without a contract 2 years after their draft year is eligible for unrestricted free agency. Unrestricted Free Agents, or UFA's, are eligible to be signed by any club starting July 1st.


Any player who is under 27 years of age is eligible for restricted free agency. See Article 4.4.1 for more details.


In order for a team to retain the negotiating rights for a restricted free agent, or RFA, they must submit a qualifying offer along the following pay scale:

$500,000 - $1,000,000: 120% of previous contract
$1,000,001 - $1,500,000: 110% of previous contract
$1,500,001 - $2,000,000: 105% of previous contract
$2,000,001 - Onwards: 100% of previous contract

Qualifying offers are eligible to be accepted at any time by the player.

RFA's not qualified by June 25th at 11:59 PM become UFA's


Starting July 1st of each season qualified RFA's may entertain contract offers from teams that don't own his rights. Should an RFA sign one of these deals, known as 'offersheets', the club has 1 week to match the offersheet. If the team declines to match they are entitled to the following compensation:

$1,250,000 or below - None
$1,250,001 to $1,750,000 - Third Round Pick
$1,750,001 to $3,250,000 - Second Round Pick
$3,250,001 to $5,000,000 - First and Third Round Pick
$5,000,001 to $6,750,000 - First, Second, and Third Round Pick
$6,750,001 and up - 2 First, 2 Second, and 2 Third Round Picks


In order to entice a player to join your club you may consider including one of these clauses into their contract. Only the most elite players will demand full clauses, others will simply demand limited clauses, or LNTCs.

Feel free to offer any limitation you like, there are no limits on these.

Players who are under 26 years of age are not eligible to receive NTC/NMCs


There will be a contract extension period starting February 28th of each season and ending March 30th. During this period teams are free to discuss a contract with 3 of their pending UFA/RFA's. Should a player decline a contract offer during this period it does not count towards your limit.

Following the NHL Entry Draft teams may discuss a contract extension with an unlimited amount of pending UFA/RFAs.

Teams may offer up to an 8 year contract term if desired.


Between July 1st and September 1st of each season teams may initiate a buyout on any player on their roster. Teams incur a cap penalty of 33% of the players salary for each remaining year of the contract. Before buying out a player he must clear waivers. Players with a No Movement Clause reserve the right to block the waiver process and be bought out directly.


Any Restricted Free Agent who has played in at least 1 game in 4 NHL seasons is eligible for salary arbitration.

A player may elect to take a team to arbitration or a team may elect to take a player to arbitration.

The Arbitration Process is as follows:

A team or player must elect for arbitration prior to July 5th.

Players in arbitration do not have the right to sign offer sheets.

Both parties then submit a salary they believe is reasonable and reasons for why it is reasonable

The following evidence is admissible in arbitration cases:

  • The player's "overall performance" including statistics in all previous seasons.
  • Injuries, illnesses and the number of games played.
  • The player's length of service with the team and in the NHL.
  • The player's "overall contribution" to the team's success or failure.
  • The player's "special qualities of leadership or public appeal."
  • The performance and salary of any player alleged to be "comparable" to the player in the dispute.

The following evidence is inadmissible in arbitration cases:

  • The salary and performance of a "comparable" player who signed a contract as an unrestricted free agent.
  • Testimonials, video and media reports.
  • The financial state of the team.
  • The salary cap and the state of the team's payroll

All arbitration awards are for one year.

If a team is dissatisfied with the arbitration award in a player elected case they can walk away, making the player a UFA.

All team elected cases are binding for both parties, but a player may not receive less than 85% of his previous salary.



To have a functioning hockey club you must keep your players happy.

This means you should not have 2 starting goalies, 1st liners on the 3rd line, or 6 top 4 defenceman etc.

A player who is unhappy with his role on the team will request a trade.


The following are starting goaltenders:

Pekka Rinne
Jonathan Quick
Carey Price
Jonas Hiller
Kari Lehtonen
Semyon Varlamov
Ben Bishop
Roberto Luongo
Jonathan Bernier
Corey Crawford
Tuuka Rask
Cam Ward
Jaroslav Halak
Sergei Bobrovsky
Jimmy Howard
Corey Schneider
Henrik Lundqvist
Craig Anderson
Steve Mason
Mike Smith
Ryan Miller
MA Fleury
Braden Holtby
Ondrej Pavelec
Eddie Lack
Karri Ramo

The following (notable) goalies are not starters:

James Reimer
Ray Emery
Viktor Fasth
Ben Scrivens
Evgeni Nabokov
Anton Khudobin
Brian Elliot
Ilya Bryzgalov
Josh Harding
Nicklas Backstrom
Michal Neuvirth
Frederik Andersen
Jacob Markstrom

his list will be updated on September 15th of each season.

If you at ANY point prior to the deadline come into possession of two goalies on the starting list you will have 14 days to trade ONE before they will refuse to report to your team (suspended)

5.3 - GM REP

I will be keeping track of GM rep. Good things such as winning seasons, an aggressive offseason, and a strong draft will increase your GM rep. Bad things such as flipping recently acqired players, asking players to waive their NMC/NTC's regularly, and trading players once they have agreed to a contract extension will negatively influence your GM rep.

A strong GM Rep will help you attract free agents and will make players more likely to waive their movement clauses to join your club.

A poor GM Rep will do the opposite.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to PM the commissioner.

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Main Draft:


2014-15 Season:

Final Standings:



1. small.png 4819

2. small.png 4520

3. small.png 4454


1. small.png 4611

2. small.png 4446

3. small.png 4009


1. small.png 4218

2. small.png 4114.5

3. small.png 4004

4. small.png 3999.5

5. small.png 3939.5

6. small.png 3919

7. small.png 3814.5

8. small.png 3576

9. small.png 3529.5

10small.png 3098.5



1. small.png 4772.5

2. small.png 4385.5

3. small.png 4365.5


1. small.png 4914

2. small.png 4817

3. small.png 4603


1. small.png 4275

2. small.png 4256

3. small.png 4243

4. small.png 4172

5. small.png 4089

6. small.png 4031.5

7. small.png 3826.5

8. small.png 3593.5


Art Ross Trophy - Awarded to the EHL's highest scoring Forward: Jamie Benn small.png (486 points)

Norris Trophy - Awarded to the EHL's highest scoring Defenceman: Erik Karlsson small.png (506 points)

Vezina Trophy - Awarded to the EHL's highest scoring Goaltender: Braden Holtby small.png (570 points)

Presidents Trophy - Awarded to the EHL's first placed team in the regular season: small.pngGM: OurTimeToShine

Executive of the Year - Awarded to the EHL GM deemed to have the most impact on his team by his peers: TBA

Stanley Cup - Awarded to the winner of the EHL playoffs: TBA

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As irritating that new users who neglect to read the OP before posting are, we all have to remember to play nice.

As one of the major league's here we must all act as ambassadors of the fantasy hockey section and be as welcoming as we can. Anyone making inflammatory statements towards new users posting in the thread will be removed from the league.

Just refer them to the application process, suggest they put their services up as an AGM, or direct them to apply to one of the other leagues should there be spots open. Should they continue to post in the thread simply report the post to a moderator (deb says she has our back).

If you don't think you can handle being nice to new users then ignore them.

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Jonathan Drouin - Tyler Seguin - Elias Lindholm

Sam Gagner - Jordan Staal - Max Domi

William Nylander - Curtis Lazar- Peter Holland

William Karlsson - Paul Gaustad - Lauri Korpikoski

Zack Smith

Justin Faulk - Noah Hanifin

Morgan Rielly - Hampus Lindholm

Nathan Beaulieu - Connor Murphy

Roman Polak

Ondrej Pavelec

James Reimer


Brett Bulmer - Cole Cassels - Joel Armia

Ronalds Kenins - Adam Tambellini - Mark Jankowski

Tyler Biggs - Michael Spacek - Jerry D'Amigo

Cooper Marody - Glenn Gawdin

Julius Honka - Jake McCabe

Jacob Larsson - Brian Dumoulin

Jack Glover - Rasmus Andersson

Jesse Blacker - Brendan Guhle

Oscar Dansk

Mackenzie Blackwood

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medium.pngHave hired JE14 as their GM!

medium.pngHave hired Sidney Crosby. as their GM!

483288048.pngHave hired Drouin as their GM!

medium.pngHave hired Gally as their GM!

medium.pngHave Hired OurTimeToShine as their GM!

medium.png Have hired Bombastik Der Teutone as their GM!

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Patrick Kane - Logan Couture - Tyler Bozak

Leon Draisaitl - Mathieu Perreault - Nino Niederreiter

Sven Baertschi - Bo Horvat - Beau Bennett

Adam Lowry - Casey Cizikas - Barclay Goodrow

Jay McClement, Aaron Volpatti

Alexei Emelin - Seth Jones

Andrej Meszaros - Jarred Tinordi

Nicklas Grossmann - Mike Weaver

Ryan Murphy

John Gibson

Michael Hutchinson

LTIR: Raffi Torres, Beau Bennett, Jesse Winchester


Nick Ritchie - Brendan Lemieux - Charles Hudon

Mario Lucia - Jacob de la Rose - Teemu Pulkkinen

Rocco Grimaldi - Bogdan Yakimov - Oscar Lindberg

Jujhar Khaira - x - x

Darnell Nurse - Adam Clendening

Josh Morrissey - Travis Sanheim

Ian McCoshen - Trevor Carrick

Sam Brittain


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Mikhail Grabovski - John Tavares - Phil Kessel

Tanner Pearson - Alex Galchenyuk - Ryan Strome

Matt Cullen - Andrew Cogliano - Brad Boyes

Michael Ferland - Manny Malhotra - Trevor Lewis

Cam Fowler - Tobias Enstrom

Francois Beauchemin - Aaron Ekblad

Ron Hainsey - Eric Brewer

Jaroslav Halak

Jake Allen

IR - Benoit Pouliot


Kerby Rychel - Jakub Vrána - Riley Barber

Hunter Shinkaruk - Connor Crisp - Marko Daňo

Laurent Dauphin - Brendan Gaunce - William Carrier

Brandon Kozun

Haydn Fleury - Samuel Morin

Klas Dahlbeck

Philippe Desrosiers

Mason McDonald

Jean-Francois Berube

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Pittsburgh Penguins

James Neal - Patrick Marleau - Brendan Gallagher

Pascal Dupuis - David Legwand - Steve Ott

Simon Gagne - Erik Haula - Jannik Hansen

Zac Rinaldo - Joakim Andersson - Jesse Joensuu

Rich Clune

Olli Maatta - Jason Demers

Chris Phillips - Jakub Kindl

Ryan Ellis - Michael Del Zotto

Mirco Mueller - Brooks Orpik

Sergei Bobrovsky

Reto Berra

IR: Derek Stepan, Nathan Horton, Tyler Kennedy

Wilks-Barrie Scranton Penguins

Anthony Mantha - Nick Shore -Ryan Hartman

Greg McKegg - Landon Ferraro - Carl Klingberg

Brian Ferlin

Nikita Zadorov - Mark Borowiecki

Mike Matheson - Taylor Doherty

Kyle Cumiskey

Zack Fucale

Eric Comrie

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Will it be a live draft or offline?

The draft will commence with a time limit after July 1st, but once we fill up the GM's we can probably knock through 5-20 picks after the NHL entry draft.

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Alexander Semin - Mikko Koivu - Jeff Skinner

Evander Kane - Mika Zibanejad - Lee Stempniak

Sam Bennett - Sam Reinhart - Tomas Jurco

TJ Galiardi - Marcus Kruger - David Booth

Cory Conacher, Zac Dalpe

James Wisniewski - Alex Pietrangelo

Grant Clitsome - Lubomir Visnovsky

Thomas Hickey - Dmitry Orlov

Matt Carkner

Cory Schneider

Al Montoya

UFA: Joni Pitkanen, Jamie McBain


Michael Sgarbossa - Jordan Weal - Jonathan Marchessault

Henri Ikonen - Robby Fabbri - Josh Archibald

x - Colin Fraser - x

x - x - x

Reece Scarlett - Steven Oleksy

Jaccob Slavin - Anthony DeAngelo

Marcus Pettersson - Andrew Welinski

Andrei Vasilevskiy
Linus Ullmark

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The draft will commence with a time limit after July 1st, but once we fill up the GM's we can probably knock through 5-20 picks after the NHL entry draft.

Are we going to be able to pick 2014 draft eligible players (ie Ekblad) in the fantasy draft or will there be a separate rookie draft ?

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