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Bure Linden McLean Signed Painting

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Hey guys, this is a little off topic, but I have a Canucks related question here:

I got this quite a long time ago at a garage sale for $10, but I'm pretty sure it's worth quite a bit more. Also, if it is truly really autographed by them and by Glen Green, how can I get the autographs authenticated? If anybody knows I'd really appreciate the feedback.

Alright so what I have is what looks like a water coloured painting by Glen Green, or at least a replica. It's of Kirk Mclean, Trevor Linden and Pavel Bure. They all signed it, and it appears to have writing signifying the painting is one of only 100.

So, feedback? Anything is much appreciated.

Attached are the images.


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Great, thanks guys! Only thing is now though, is there a place that can get me a certificate authenticating it?

I don't think you will be able to get a COA since it wasn't witnessed but if anybody really wants to check they can hire some guy. That's a steal at $10

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