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Vancouver trade with CBJ (Proposal)

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Deal. I don't think it takes because Columbus is really big on Boone, but if they do that deal I would be happy. I personally think Boone Jenner is going to be a big time center and play a game similar to Keslers. Who knows, in a few years he could be like another Kesler. Add Rychel to the situation, a potential top 6, if not top 9 forward, as well as a draft pick? Sign me up.

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To them

Ryan Kesler

Dane Fox

To Vancouver

Kerby Rychel

Boone Jenner

1st 2015

Draft virtanen

Rychel Horvat Virtanen

top 3 prospects dont get much better than that for one team.

Don't think Columbus gives up thier 1st............maybe change thier 2015-1st TO 2014-2 (46th) and 2015-2 (52th)

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As much as I'd like to see either Jenner or Johansen here, I don't think we have what Columbus wants. Kesler does not have a good relationship with RJ Umberger. As good as Kesler might play for them, I don't think they want to screw up their chemistry.

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