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(proposal) bold moves on draft day. (EDM-FLO)

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To Florida: Nail Yakupov and 3rd overall (EDM)

To Edmonton: Nick Bjugstad and 1st overall (FLO)

Yakupov = Ekbald (1st)

Bjugstad = Bennett (3rd)

Why Florida does this:

Assuming Reinhart goes second, then Florida gets 2 young top 6 forwards. Yak is on the chopping block for Edmonton. Yak just isn't communicating well with the coaching staff. Instead, I think, in a locker room with a mature non-American kid like Barkov, he could get back on track. Plus, with some chemistry, imagine those 2 tearing up the league together. I think it's more than possible, plus Kulikov seems like he should be part of the defensive core, so maybe he can connect with yak as well. Plus, Florida gets to draft Sam Bennett in Nick Bjugstad's place. Their future for the front end would be secure.

______, Barkov, Yakupov

Bennett, Huberdeau ______

_______, Pirri, ______

That's just the future. Insert good complements for them and they have a great looking future at forward to build around. Even if they make no more moves, which is almost inconceivable. They have players the could potentially complement right now. Example) Fleischman the top left and Boyes at second right.

The Panthers actually have 5 defencmen younger than 25. For now, they should focus their attention at forward. This deal gets then 2 star young forwards to be a part of the rebuild. (Gudbranson, Olsen, Kulikov, Robak, Petrovic

worst case scenario, they don't get Bennet or Reinhart and draft Ekbald anyway. At least they got Yak out of it too.

Why Edmonton does this:

With the first overall, Edmonton gets what they need. A steady defenceman in Ekbald to hold their blue line together for years to come and to grow with their core. Edmonton has been dreaming for this opportunity for years. A first overall pick where they can actually take a defenceman. Plus on top they still get Bjugstad back. A 6'6 big strong center They can use at either 2c or 3c. Nugent Hopkins is the number 1, Gagner, assuming he doesn't get traded, can compete with Bjugstad to be number 2, and the other number 3.

If their goaltending starts crumbling again, they could always try to flip Gagner and maybe some other pieces to get a quality goaltender. Maybe to Carolina for Cam Ward, or maybe Toronto for a James Reimer? But for now they still have a quality top 6, even though one of these centers will probably take the 3c spot.

Hall, Nuge, Eberle

Perron Gagner _____

______, Bjugstad _____

Solid core to build around plus Ekbald the defenceman they've always wanted.

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A solid proposal really. In all honesty it is possible Florida or Edmonton throws in a 3rd or 5th to facilitate that trade as they need that dynamic winger and Edmonton desperately needs a huge body like Bjugstad down the middle.

While in the wrong section, a solid proposal

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I would rather take the 1st + Bjugstad over Yakupov and the 3rd.

Florida can get a #1 defensemen and I don't think Yakupov is proving much while Bjugstad is on his way to become a regular NHLer.

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