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(proposal) bringing in an exciting system and an exciting team

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Hire todd mclennen (if he becomes available).


He has experiance working with a big team that utilizes some players with pure skill. This is exactly what we want to turn into.

6th overall draft nick ritchie- might end up being our hertl

To tampa:

Edler, rights to schroeder

To van:

Kucherov, erne, nyr 2015 first

To wpg:


To van:


To nyr:

Alex burrows

To van:

2014 2nd round pick, 2015 4th round pick

Let dalpe go

Let santo go (don't want to but he does not fit our new look)

Buy out booth. If we rather keep him as he might fit mclennen's style then replace ritchie or kucherov with him most likely ritchie to not waste a year on his contract.

Sedin sedin jensen

Ritchie kesler Kassian

Higgins horvat kucherov

Tangradi richardson matthias


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santo and higgins were our most consistant players this year....

would you make that trade for edler if you were the other gm?

i'm not sold on your coaching choice......

i agree with booth......but i would still look at moving kesler and building a whole new 2nd line...

we have players that can play well on the 3rd/4th lines.....

we might have to move hansen and burrows but not unless we get solid returns....

i don't know who is the best player to choose 6th over-all but you can't rush these guys into the nhl.....hurt their development.

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Stopped reading after TBL trade.

In your opinion is it too little or too much?

Yeah seriously that Edler trade is decent value if you change that 1st to a 2nd… Only trade I find off is the Burrows proposal. I don't see the point trading him when his value is so low, plus I feel like he still has lots to offer if we keep him.

Also wouldn't mind Todd Mclellan , despite his lack of playoff success he could work very well here.

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In your opinion is it too little or too much?

Too little from us. Kucherov for Edler and the rights dtraight up wouldn't happen IMO. Edler is the most OVERRATED dman in the league. Worst +- out of ever1 meanwhile Kucherov can grow into a top 6 player.

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